Utilizing Your Local Archery Pro Shop for Setting Up a Hunting Bow

Setting Up a Hunting Bow with the Experts

Kinsey’s Outdoors in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania offers full bow hunting bow setup services. Whether you are looking to upgrade a specific bow hunting accessory, like a new rest or sight, or are in the market for an entirely new bow hunting setupKinsey’s Outdoors can help. Their technicians are experts at setting up a hunting bow and providing maintenance and tuning services to get you ready for hunting season. Specifically, their bow hunting prop shop offers the following services: 

  • Setting up a hunting bow from start to finish 
  • Cable and string install 
  • Replacing accessories like peep sight, D-loop, or kisser button 
  • New or replacement rests (standard and drop-away) 
  • Performance enhancements such as string silencers, quivers, and stabilizers
  • Draw length adjustments

In addition, they offer a Basic Tune package, which includes string wax and nock checking, as well as a Hunt Tune and Lube package to get you completely ready for bow hunting season. Besides setting up a hunting bow, Kinsey’s Outdoors also provides complete services for all your crossbow needs and a broad selection of archery hunting equipment. 

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