Turkey Hunting Gear | 7 Fundamental Items to Have in Your Turkey Vest

Essential Turkey Hunting Gear for Spring Gobbler Season

Every spring new turkey hunting gear hits the shelves of your local hunting shop or is populated throughout your social media feeds. New calls, decoys, blinds, camo patterns, chokes, ammo, or vests can quickly become overwhelming for any hunter. Once turkey season does arrive you might find yourself with an overloaded turkey vest or backpack. In this scenarioit’s important to identify only the essential and fundamental gear you need for the turkey hunt. Having the right turkey hunting gear is much more important than having a lot of it. The list below should help you prioritize when packing your gear and give you confidence that youre going into turkey season with the right setup for a successful hunt!

3 Rules for Deciding What Turkey Hunting Gear Goes to the Field 

If you’re working on your turkey hunting gear list, these three rules will help you decide what you should ultimately pack in your turkey hunting vest.  

  1. Carry only the turkey hunting basics: The assumption is you will already have your shotgun, camo clothing, and boots. But by staples, we mean what gear you need to close the deal while spring turkey hunting. This is different for every hunter, but things like your favorite turkey calls, decoy(s), and extra shotgun shells are the basics to include in your vest. 
  2. Woods gear: Woods gear can be a flashlight, small first aid kit, knife, insect repellent, and other items that are needed just about any time you’re afield. Again, keep it to only the basics to get you through the hunt. 
  3. Improving concealment: Out of all the turkey hunting tips, concealing yourself while hunting is the most important. This is hard to do, but if you pack a few items like a facemask, gloves, sea, and shooting stick you can improve you concealment. These items keep you comfortable so you can stay hidden from approaching gobblers.

The List | 7 Fundamental Items to Carry  

The best turkey hunting vests have plenty of pockets for storage. However, as discussed above, the goal should not be to fill them all up. Turkey hunting gear can really be narrowed down to seven fundamental items. 

1. Turkey calls – Bring a few different types of calls you’re confident in. Two variations of mouth calls and either a box call or slate call can usually get the job done even if you’re local turkey hunting on public land.

2. Insect repellent Bugs can be bad in the spring depending on the weather. Turkey hunting 101, never leave your ThermaCell at home. Especially on those later afternoon hunts the second half of the season youll need bug protection to stay still and comfortable.
3. Multi-tool This piece of hunting gear is invaluable. Not only does Gerber Multi-tool give you a knife for field dressing but the suite of tools come in handy to rig a decoy or cut a shooting lane.
4. Turkey Decoy(s) Decoys don’t work in every situation but having a compact one, such as the Montana Decoy Miss PurrFect, with you can make the difference on days when birds are shy coming in.
5. Clothing, Facemask, and Gloves – Besides your hunting clothing, a full, breathable facemask and thin camo gloves like the Primos Stretch Fit Gloves are a must. Pack two facemasks on hot days so when it gets sweaty or you leave it sitting while running and gunning gobblers you have a backup.
6. Extra Turkey Loads – 5 turkey shotgun shells should be more than enough for a day spring turkey hunting. If you need more than that, you probably should just call it a day!
7. Personal items Pack a small plastic bag with some snacks, toilet paper, hunting license, and also include a drink if you are going on an allday turkey hunt.
Let’s be honest, the quality of turkey hunting gear is far more important than the quantity. Stick with this fundamental turkey hunting gear list and pack your vest with quality items. Doing so will let you walk turkey season with the confidence needed to be successful.

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