Spring Trout Fishing Series Episode 6 |Fly Fishing the Yellow Breeches Creek

Spring Fly Fishing Action for Trout on the Yellow Breeches Creek

The guygrab their fly fishing gear and head to the Yellow Breeches Creek near Boiling Springs in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania for some spring trout fishingThey are fly fishing the Catch and Release special regulation section of the creek for both stocked and wild trout.  

Fishing both pools and runs, their setup includes nymphing a weighted tandem fly rig with a strike indicator as well as drifting streamer flies. A larger fly fishing rod like the 10-foot Orvis fly fishing rod and reel combo used allows for better presentations of both of these types of fly fishing tactics. The takeaway here is to remain flexible on the water. After a difficult bite, the guys were able to adapt their fly fishing strategy and ultimately have a successful day spring trout fishing on the Yellow Breeches Creek. 


Spring Trout Fishing Series Episode 5 | Trout Fishing Hammer and Little Cocalico Creeks

Trout Fishing Mid-season Stockings in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Trout fishing is still good many weeks after opening day in Pennsylvania. Many streams and lakes throughout the Commonwealth received several more trout stockings well into May. These extra spring trout fishing opportunities can prove to be some of the best of the year. 

In this episode, Grant explores Hammer and the Little Cocalico Creeks in southeastern Pennsylvania. He utilizes the trout stocking schedule to fish these creeks on days after they have recently been stocked. One of the best trout fishing tips when fishing mid-season after recent stocking is to fish areas away from obvious stocking spots like parking lots and bridges. Simply getting a few hundred yards away from these areas will greatly improve your trout fishing success on stocked streams. Key trout fishing gear included live bait, Berkley® Gulp trout bait and Rooster Tail® spinners fished on an Ugly Stik GX2 spinning combo. Explore creeks like Hammer and the Little Cocalico in southeastern Pennsylvania and take advantage of additional trout fishing opportunities after opening day.  


Spring Trout Fishing Series Episode 4 | Kayak Trout Fishing Pennsylvania’s Stoever’s Dam

Kayak Trout Fishing a Small Public Lake in Southeastern Pennsylvania

In this episode, Grant takes to the water at Stoever’s Dam in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania from some spring trout fishingThis 23-acre lake inside Stoever’s Dam Park is just north of the city of Lebanon. It is stocked with trout throughout the year and offers both winter and spring trout fishing opportunities. 

Kayak trout fishing is one option when trout fishing Stoever’s Dam. The small lake gets a lot of fishing pressure and getting away from shore using a kayak has many advantages. If you are new to trout fishing using a kayakKinsey’s Outdoors kayak rental program is a great option to get started. Their pro shop in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania is only about 40 mins away from Stoever’s Dam and provides everything you need for a kayak trout fishing trip to the lake. They also have a great selection of kayak fishing accessories. Stop into Kinsey’s Outdoors before your next kayak trout fishing adventure to rent one or load up on tackle or accessories before hitting the water.  


Spring Trout Fishing Series Episode 3 | Opening Day of Pennsylvania Trout Season

Pennsylvania Trout Season Opener on the Tulpehocken Creek 

The much anticipated opening day of Pennsylvania trout season marks the unofficial start of spring in the Commonwealth. Multiple spring trout fishing opening days provide both regional and youth opportunities to fill a limit of trout.  

This episode goes to one of the best places to fish in Pennsylvania, the Tulpehocken Creek, for the first day of trout season. Follow as they stake out their morning spot and catch trout after trout on this Berks County, Pennsylvania creek. Trout fishing tactics on both fly and spinning gear setups are shown as many different ways can be used to land fish on the opening day of Pennsylvania trout season.  


Spring Trout Fishing Series Episode 1 | Trout Fishing Gear Guide

Trout Fishing Gear Guide for Pennsylvania Waters

The first episode of the spring trout fishing series starts with getting prepared for trout season in Pennsylvania. What are the basics when it comes to trout fishing gearMusthaves like Berkley® Trilene® fishing lineEagle Claw® bait hooksand various sizes of removal split shot are all necessary to stock up on before opening day. Now is also a good time to upgrade your trout fishing rod to one that is compact and durable like the Ugly Stik® GX2. In addition, don’t forget to grab trout fishing lures like Rooster Tail® trout spinners and Berkley® soft baits. 

If fly fishing is more your style, your trout fishing gear should have a variety of nymphs, streams and a selection of dry flies for the streams you most commonly fish. Generally, a 7 ½ to 9-foot 5wt fly rod is an ideal trout fishing set up for fishing most waters in the state. Match it with 5X to 7X tippet and you will be ready for spring trout fishing. Not sure what you need? Stop in at Kinsey’s Outdoors in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania and they will set you up with all the trout fishing gear you need for opening day.