Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron

General Manager

Alex Cameron started working in the archery business while in high school. He continued to work at various outdoor retailers and Archery Pro Shops over the next twelve years, learning all about archery and hunting equipment. He joined Kinsey’s in 2006 with a wealth of industry knowledge and a strong devotion for catering to customers. Alex is a die-hard outdoorsman and some of his favorite hobbies include archery, turkey, muzzleloader, and rifle hunting.

Brady Lesher

Brady Lesher

Store Manager

Brady Lesher brings over 20 years of retail experience to the Kinsey’s team, most recently with Gander Mountain. He is passionate about serving our customers. In his spare time Brady is an avid bow hunter, enjoys trout fishing and doing just about anything else outdoors. Look for him on the sales floor next time you’re in!

Michael Shaeffer

Michael Shaeffer

Assistant Store Manager

Michael Shaeffer has been an excellent addition to the Kinsey’s team, bringing along with him 18 years of experience in the hunting industry. The hunting seasons that he looks forward to the most are archery and spring gobbler. When he’s not in the woods he can likely be found fishing, boating, camping, and snowmobiling. Michael is committed to tending to all of our customer’s needs, stop in and see him with any questions you may have!

Jake Weber

Marketing Manager

Jake Weber joined Kinsey’s Outdoors early in 2018 as the Marketing Manager. Jake mixes his passion for the outdoors and his marketing background to draw traffic to the store and website. He is also devoted to developing and maintaining relationships with local organizations to increase awareness for both parties. Jake is an avid bow hunter and enjoys flintlock hunting, trout fishing and salmon fishing.

Erin O’Shea

Ecommerce Sales Representative

Erin O’Shea has been an employee of Kinsey’s Outdoors for nearly 2 years. She recently transitioned from Gander Mountain where she had gained 4 years of retail experience in the hunting industry. During her free time she can likely be found outdoors either archery hunting, turkey hunting, pheasant hunting, boating, or playing sports. Erin has played a role in the creation of Kinsey’s Outdoors website and is extremely dedicated to serving all customers both online and in store. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Stephanie Rheinheimer

Ecommerce Sales Representative

Steph Rheinheimer joined the Kinsey’s team a little over three years ago. Steph originally started out as the Shipping & Processing agent for Kinsey’s Outdoors Ecommerce team, but has recently transitioned over to an Ecommerce Sales Representative. Steph played a major role in the creation of Kinseys Outdoor’s website, and continues to keep up with overall website maintenance and internet sales. Her contributions and hard work creates a positive shopping experience for our Ecommerce customers. Should you have any questions about our websites, Steph would be more than happy to assist you!

Heather Fankhauser

Inventory Control Associate

Heather Fankhauser started out working for our Parent Company, Kinsey’s Archery, before transitioning to her role as Inventory Control Associate for Kinsey’s Outdoors. She’s been with the company for four years now, and remains a very valuable member of our team. Heather is devoted to keeping inventory levels accurate in order to create positive experiences for our customers. In her free time, she loves to go deep sea fishing with her family and friends.

Danielle Shank

Receiving Associate

Danielle Shank has been an employee of Kinsey’s Outdoors for almost two years now. She works very diligently at getting all of our shipments unpacked and received in a timely manner so we can make it available to our customers sooner. Danielle can likely be found at the shooting range, camping, or hiking with any free time.

Ann Rodriquez

Ann Rodriquez

Customer Service Lead

Ann brings her sales experience from Kinsey’s Inc. to excel as the Customer Service Lead. Her love for the outdoors developed early in her home state of Montana. Her passions include hiking with her dog, rifle hunting, fishing and anything that allows her to get into the great outdoors and marvel at the wonder of creation around her.

Mike Myers

Bow Technician

Mike Myers is the area’s leading technician with over 30 years of full-time experience working closely with every bow line. Mike started his career here at Kinsey’s Outdoors back in 1999 and began building his own custom strings since the early 2000’s. In his spare time he enjoys archery and turkey hunting. Come on in and check out his custom built strings we have for sale in store and get your bow shooting straighter than ever with his hands-on knowledge.

Josh Myers

Bow Technician

Josh Myers joined the Kinsey’s team during his high school years back in 2005. He has been shooting a bow since the age of 3 and his passion for archery hunting has continued to emerge over the years. Josh has been a member of the Bear Archery Shooting staff since 2007 and an I.B.O world qualifier four years in a row. With 12 years of experience working in the bow shop, you can always count on Josh to successfully fulfill any archery needs you may have!

Doug Williams

Doug Williams

Sales Floor Associate

Doug Williams has been in the archery business as either a professional shooter or working in the industry most of his life. There are not many bow problems he can’t solve and he loves sharing that knowledge with the archery tech team. Doug is just as likely to be found smashing clay birds or chasing small game as he is to be in a treestand and he especially enjoys pheasant hunting with his son.

Nate McFadden


Nate’s devotion to shooting and working on firearms stemmed from his childhood years and has continued to be a passion of his ever since. Nate has been at Kinsey’s Outdoors’ since 2009 and has been the full-time gunsmith for 5 of his 8 years here. He received his Gunsmith Certification from American Gunsmithing Institute as well as his Machining Certification from Dauphin County Technical School. On top of all that, Nate is also a certified Glock and Smith and Wesson Armorer. If you experience any issues with your firearms, stop in and see Nate. He will be more than happy to assist you!

Moe Ott

Firearms Associate

Moe Ott has been one of our firearms associates at Kinsey’s Outdoors for almost 7 years now. He shot his first buck in 1967 and started trout fishing at the age of 3. Trout fishing and hunting have been two of his favorite hobbies ever since. Moe helped coach a youth .22 rifle league in his spare time. He is a very knowledgeable firearms salesman and is dedicated to helping all of our customers regardless of whether or not they are regular customers or first time buyers.

Brant Garman

Firearms Associate

Brant Garman has been a gun enthusiast his whole life and has been sharing his wealth of firearms knowledge at Kinsey’s Outdoors since 2014. Although he enjoys shooting all firearms, he is especially passionate about shooting handguns in his free time. Not only does he enjoy just shooting firearms, he also devotes his time to helping our Gunsmith, Nate McFadden. Along with Nate, Brant is also a Glock Certified Armorer. Brant is full of firearm knowledge and will not let any question go unanswered. Stop by the store with any questions or concerns you may encounter along the way!