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Beretta® BU9 Nano Review | Is This the Best Concealed Carry 9mm?

Let’s imagine you’re looking through lists of the bestconcealed carry gunsIf you carry (or will soon carry) a handgun for personal defense purposes, the size, profile, and weight of that gun probably mean a lot to you. While some people don’t mind carrying a larger, full-size handgun around, it is not always practical or comfortable to do so. Sometimes, carrying a compact gun that you can easily tuck away is the best optionIf that describes your situation right now, you’ll find that there are several Beretta® handguns that could work for you. But in this Beretta® BU9 Nano review, you’ll see why this one specifically is such a great handgun for self-defense and concealed carry situations. Check out the rest of the handgun review below for more information if you’re in the market for a new firearm.

Beretta® BU9 Nano Semi-Automatic Pistol


Beretta® BU9 Nano Review: Features

The Beretta® BU9 Nano is designed to be a micro-compact pistol that truly is perfect for concealed carry and self-defense purposes. It is a relatively small handgun – it has a three-inch barrel, and measures less than one inch wide and just over five inches in overall length. The gun only weighs 19.8 ounces (just over 1 pound), making it a comfortable option to carry all day. The design is ergonomic and very smooth to prevent snagging on your handgun holster or your clothing. As far as firearms go, it is a very customizable handgun. It comes with a serialized chassis and modular design that allows you to easily swap out different parts. For example, you can easily switch polymer grip frames for frames of another color or adjust the 3-dot sights and Beretta® Nano accessories without needing to be a gunsmith. This Beretta® 9mm pistol comes with a flush bottom magazine with a capacity of 6 rounds (for easy concealed carry purposes), but an 8-round capacity extended magazine is also available from the manufacturer to lengthen the grip by one inch as well. There is a reversible magazine release button near the trigger. The Beretta® Nano safety features include a striker deactivation button, which allows you to disassemble the handgun without having to pull the trigger. 

Beretta® BU9 Nano Review: Benefits 

Its small size and smoothly contoured profile help you to quickly access it from its holster, which is one of the first and most important tests a self-defense handgun should pass. If you cannot get to it fast enough, there’s really no point in having it. The short three-inch barrel also offers a smaller surface area for would-be assailants to grab onto in an attempt to disarm you. As mentioned in the features above, the Beretta® 9mm Nano is very customizable to suit your own tastes, and you don’t need any particular skills to do so. By installing an optional laser sight onto the handgun, you can ensure your shot placement is accurate and acquire your target faster. A reversible magazine release button means you can quickly switch it depending on if you are right or left handed, and it takes no special gunsmithing abilities to do so. Being able to deactivate the firearm for service and disassembly without pulling the trigger is one more feature that ensures you stay safe. Additionally, the metal and polymer frame is coated in a durable, low-shine coating that helps protect it from body sweat and keeps it corrosion-free. And at $398 for a very customizable and easy-to-maintain handgun, the Beretta® Nano price is good too. 

Beretta® BU9 Nano Review: Best Uses

As mentioned elsewhere in this Beretta® Nano review, this handgun is literally made for concealed carry and personal defense situations. Its small profile means you can easily conceal it inside a belt or ankle holster without drawing attention to it. You can easily carry it all day without the additional weight or bulk bothering you. Though the short three-inch barrel may concern some from an accuracy standpoint, the gun is very capable of accurate shooting, especially when equipped with an optional laser sight. However, since this is primarily a self-defense gun, most shooting would be expected to be at very short distances, making the accuracy point even less of a concern. For all of the features considered in this Beretta® BU9 Nano review, this may be the best-concealed carry 9mm you’ll find for the price.


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