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Benelli® SuperNova Review | What You Should Know

When it comes to firearms, every hunter or shooter has their own preferences. What one person admires about a gun, another person may hate. This is particularly true in the world of shotguns where pump-action shotguns and over-unders can be surprisingly polarizing in shotgun reviews. But we think there is one gun that could really entice the interest of just about anyone. This shotgun can be used for either hunting purposes or for self-defense and law enforcement, making it a very adaptable firearm. This Benelli® SuperNova review should give you some insight into this gun and why it is such a great option for many different people.

Benelli® SuperNova 12-Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun


Benelli® SuperNova Review: Features 

The Benelli® SuperNova is a versatile 12-gauge shotgun that can be used for multiple purposes. It is lightweight at under 8 pounds, and yet it is very strong. This is accomplished due to its construction of a steel skeletal frame that is over-molded with a high-tech polymer material. The spacious trigger guards allow easy access even with gloved hands when the conditions are too cold to go without. It comes with a shim kit so you can adjust the drop and cast of the stock easily at home. It features a unique ComforTech® recoil reduction system to cut the Benelli® SuperNova recoil by 52% over a similar pump-action shotgunIt also has a shell-stop button located on the ridge-checkered forend that allows you to unload a round from the chamber without releasing the shells from the magazine tube. All in all, this firearm has several features that make it a slam dunk if you’re looking for a multi-purpose shotgun. 

Benelli® SuperNova Review: Benefits 

There are plenty of benefits to shooting this shotgun. First, you can carry it around fairly easily since it is so lightweight. That makes a big difference over a full day if you’re carrying it through the woods after grouse or through a field chasing rooster pheasants. Being able to shoot your shotgun with gloves on in cold weather is huge. Most shotgun trigger guards are much too narrow to allow you to quickly fit your trigger finger through, which can limit your usage in colder conditions. Being able to adjust the stock length of pull via the shim kit is often overlooked by most people. But making sure your shotgun stock fits you uniquely will help improve your shooting accuracy and consistency over time. A proper-fitting stock will easily glide to your shoulder instead of making you fumble around with it. The ComforTech® recoil reduction system definitely makes a big difference on your shoulder over the course of a morning when you’re shooting at fast-moving teal. Having ridge-style checkering along the forend allows you to easily grip it no matter the weather conditions or texture of your gloves. Obviously, being able to cycle another shell into the chamber is important so you can quickly follow up on shots. With a barrel length of 26 inches and a finish in Realtree® APG, it is a great option for swinging on waterfowl. But this specific model is chambered for 3-1/2” magnum shells, which is also perfect for turkey hunting. Finally, the Benelli® SuperNova price is also easier on the wallet than you might think. At $599.99, it really is a steal for a premium shotgun.

Benelli® SuperNova Review: Best Uses 

While the Benelli® SuperNova does come in three distinct stock configurations from the manufacturer – Benelli® SuperNova ComforTech®ComforTech® with Steady Grip (i.e., Benelli® SuperNova pistol grip), and collapsible stock for law enforcement – this particular model is only available in the ComforTech® option. Combined with the Benelli® SuperNova camo finish, this model is perfect for waterfowl or turkey hunting, but would work great for deer (given the right slug ammunition), dove, pheasant, or really any small game animal you can think of. It is built to last through tough weather conditions really anywhere in the country. Additionally, the high quality design (as detailed throughout this Benelli® SuperNova review) will make it easier on your body to shoot it all day in comfort. As such, it is hands down a great and reliable shotgun for sporting clays and hunting alike and deserves a spot in your gun cabinet if you’re in the market for one. 


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