Looking to upgrade to a new bow? We understand that selling your old bow can be a dreadful process, so we are here to help!

Services offered:

  1. Let Kinsey’s Buy your bow. Payment is made instantly in the form of a Kinsey’s Outdoors gift card.
  2. OR get more and let Kinsey’s Sell your bow for you on Ebay. Payment is in the form of a Kinsey’s Outdoors gift card and will be provided after your bow has sold. Kinsey’s gets 15% of the total amount the bow sold for unless it falls within a “No Consignment Fee” promotional period. If it falls within the “No Consignment Fee” period, you get a gift card for the full amount your bow sold for.

Stop on in to the store during normal business hours and see one of our associates back at the archery counter. After determining the value of your bow, they will make an offer to buy or consign it for you. *Value of the bow must be a minimum of $50 selling price. The decision is then yours to make! The bow will be sold in the condition it arrives at the store and include all accessories left on or with the bow (quiver, arrows, rest, sight, etc). The only thing we cannot sell with your bow is a bow case, please keep any bow cases in your possession.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Payment will be made in the form of a Kinsey’s Outdoors Gift Card.
  • Minimum selling price will be agreed upon between a Kinsey’s Outdoors representative and the selling customer.
  • Consignment bows are listed as a 5 day auction on Ebay.
  • Price reductions for consignment bow may be discussed via telephone with a Kinsey’s Ecommerce Sales Representative.
  • Consignment bows that are sold will incur a 15% selling fee unless it falls within a no consignment fee period.
  • Should you choose to remove your bow from consignment, and you are looking to pick it up from Kinsey’s Outdoors, a 48 hour notice is required ahead of time.

Need help finding and/or deciding on your new bow? Stop by the archery counter and speak to one of our experienced bowhunting professionals! They are experts at what they do, and would love to put an upgraded bow in your hands!