Field Staff

Rick McFarlane

Rick Macfarlane is an avid outdoorsman that resides in the state of Pennsylvania during the off season. Rick was brought up with a strong hunting heritage from a young age.  Ricks passion of waterfowl hunting grew strong at a young age. Rick expanded his love for waterfowl hunting by purchasing a four legged hunting companion named STORM. Rick got involved with the local hunting retriever clubs and began to play the hunt test game for a few years. Ricks passion for hunting  landed him several jobs in the hunting industry. This gave Rick the opportunity to travel the U.S and Canada hunting and exchanging hunting stories with the best in the business. Rick introduced his son Jordon and daughter Morgan into the hunting lifestyle at an early age. At a young age Jordon and Morgan got to experience some of the best turkey and waterfowl hunting there is . Rick has been involved in several organizations that give back to the hunting community. Rick has worked with several hunting companies in the outdoor industry . He has done product development and testing, sales, pro staff management, filming, seminars and events for these companies. Rick believes that the future of our hunting heritage is in the hands of the young kids of today. He believes in getting the kids outdoors and introducing them to our passion and lifestyle. If we as hunters don’t do it our heritage of the outdoor lifestyle will be lost.