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Proven Reasons Why the Yeti® Tundra® Cooler Is Worth It

The Yeti® brand is synonymous with the outdoors. Its coolers can be found from boats to duck blinds across every season outdoor enthusiasts enjoy in Pennsylvania. Over 13 years ago, the company transformed an industry which previously had never been innovated. The Yeti® Tundra® cooler launched at what many would (and still) call an expensive price point for a coolerHowever, packaged in that expensive box is an extremely overbuilt ice holding machine that is certainly worth buying.

Yeti® Coolers Reviewed

Yeti® began because of a simple problem. Outdoor enthusiasts needed a cooler that would hold up in any condition during any adventure all while holding ice. The Yeti® Tundra® cooler became the solution. A cooler designed to withstand abuse whether in the field or on the water. Yeti® coolers quickly became and are known today as the cooler that doesn’t break holds ice longer than any other cooler.

The hard coolers from Yeti® easily hold ice for 5+ days. That in itself would be worthy of purchasing, but their durability and construction are far more impressive. The rotomolded shell is pressure injected with foam insulation that helps retain ice longer and make the cooler nearly indestructible. Unlike others on the market, you can stand on these coolers, sit on them, toss them in the bed of your pickup truck, or submerge them in a swamp. No matter what the situation is, these coolers will never fail trip after trip.

Yeti® Tundra® 75 cooler and the features designed into each cooler in the Tundra® series.

The Yeti® Tundra® cooler comes in many different sizes. Coolers range from the small Tundra® 35, which will hold 21 cans and is perfect for a day trip, all the way up to the Tundra® 350, which holds 259 cans or 316 pounds of ice! In addition to different sizes, many Tundra® coolers are also available in colors such as desert tan and ice blue as well as the standard white to match your style and passion. Hard coolers from Yeti® are built from top to bottom with unmatched quality and features not found in any other ice chest on the market.

Technology and Features Only Yeti® coolers Have.

  • FatWall™ design – Extra thick walls with two inches of insulation help your ice last longer than the average cooler.
  • PermaFrost™ insulation – Commercial grade pressure-injected foam in the walls and the lid for unrivaled ice retention.
  • T-REX™ lid latches – Patented heavy-duty latches that last forever. These latches lock the lid down to retain cold while preventing everything from pesky bears opening it or it coming open after dropping off the back of your ATV.
  • AnchorPoint™ tie downs – Molded slots that easily allow for securing the cooler on your boat, truck bed or ATV.
  • NeverFail™ hinges – Two interlocking hinge pins create a cooler lid design that will never break.

The Perfect Cooler Except

All these features do come at a cost. These coolers are expensive. Prices can be upwards of 10 times the cost of a similar size standard cooler. Also, building a cooler with all these features makes it heavy. For example, the Tundra® 65 weighs in at 29 lbs. empty. The cost and weight are two characteristics that can be a limiting factor. Remember, however, you are getting a feature-rich lifetime cooler that outcompetes every other cooler available.

Why a Yeti® Tundra® Cooler is Worth Buying

If you are not a Yeti® owner, you are probably thinking are the hard coolers from Yeti® really worth buying? The short answer is yes. Here are three reasons why these coolers are worth it.

  1. Quality built, lifetime use – Yeti® coolers are built to such high standards that it will almost never fail and last a lifetime. At most, a basic cooler is going to last you a few seasons of adventuring.
  2. Actually keeps stuff cold – No longer will you have to scramble to find ice. Ice lasts for days because of the construction and innovative features in these coolers.
  3. Versatile tool that extends your adventure – Features like the non-slip feet and molded-in tie-down slots makes the Yeti® not just a cooler but an asset for every outdoor adventure. You can bowfish from it on the bow of your boat or use it as a seat in your pit blind goose hunting. No matter how you use a Yeti® Tundra® cooler it will never break, collapse or slide.

Simply put, a Yeti® Tundra® cooler is easily the best ice chest available. The Yeti® brand has exploded, and they have since expanded into other Yeti® products such as soft-sided coolers, drinkware, and other outdoor gear all built to the same standards as their hard coolers. Stop wasting ice and choose a cooler that can keep up with you on the trail, the water or in the woods.


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