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Sitka Delta Wading Jacket Is the Standard for Waterfowl Hunting

Specifically designed waterfowl clothing is a real consideration and necessity. Your jacket, gloves, and waders along with everything else you are wearing has to hold up hunt after hunt in some pretty extreme conditions. Whether it be a muddy cut cornfield in a layout blind waiting for a flock of geese or sitting in a water-filled duck blind, the Sitka Delta Wading Jacket is the only jacket you want to be wearing.

Why Sitka Waterfowl Hunting Clothing is the Standard

Sitka hunting clothing has long been associated with high-quality performance hunting clothing and deservingly so. The Sitka Waterfowl Systems is no exception. Both the Marsh and Timber specialized systems are designed with advanced technologies and specialized features specific to waterfowl hunting.

The Sitka Waterfowl Systems are built to be adaptable, comfortable, and mobile. The Marsh and Timber Systems are engineered to take years of abuse and hold up to the standards committed waterfowl hunters expect and require. In addition, the Sitka waterfowl camo in both these systems are the only waterfowl patterns scientifically engineered around the vision of descending ducks and geese. That in itself, regardless of all the other features unique to Sitka waterfowl hunting clothing, gives you an advantage.

Sitka Delta Wading Jacket: The Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting Jacket

No matter the situation, there is one waterfowl hunting jacket that will be up to the challenge. The Sitka Delta Wading Jacket is hands down one of the most versatile and durable jackets available for waterfowl hunters. Hunters chasing ducks or searching for late season geese need to be comfortable, meaning dry and warm, while also being mobile.

The Sitka Delta Wading Jacket is your solution. It is an over-built, featurerich performance jacket specifically designed for waterfowl hunting. Any waterfowl hunter, from the field to river or ducks to geese, will appreciate every aspect that makes up this ultimate waterfowl hunting jacket.

The Sitka Delta Wading Jacket is the foundational piece in the Sitka Waterfowl Systems. Versatile, comfortable, and functional just scratch the surface of this ultimate waterfowl hunting jacket.

The most impressive feature of this Sitka waterfowl jacket is how versatile it is. The jacket is available in both the Marsh and Timber Systems, which means it is equally effective hunting geese in late winter in a cornfield or hunting early ducks on the river. The GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment technology, a scientifically engineered camo, keeps you hidden in any environment. The jacket is also 100% waterproof and breathable from its GORE-TEX® Pro shell that keeps water out while keeping you cool in the early season and warm throughout the late season.

Characteristics Unique to the Sitka Delta Wading Jacket

Besides the notable camouflage waterproof shell, the Sitka waterfowl jacket has many more one of a kind features. The characteristics unique to this waterfowl jacket include:

  • Reinforced forearms to battle abrasion in critical areas.
  • Pit zips open up under your armpits so you can stay cool while moving or hunting on warm days.
  • 3-way adjustable hood that keeps water and cold out but stays in place without blocking your line of sight in any direction.
  • Velcro gasket cuffs to seal out water.
  • Lay-flat bellowed shell pockets that close quietly with the help of magnetic snaps and easily expand to accommodate a box of your favorite shells.
  • Call-Keeper System to hold duck and goose calls that tuck away in magnetic pockets out of the way when not in use.
  • GORE-TEX® Pro Fabric Shell with DWR finish makes for one of the lightest and most durable 100% waterproof waterfowl jackets on the market. 
  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Camo is a Sitka gear exclusive camo pattern technology that completely hides you from approaching ducks and geese.

The Sitka Delta Wading Jacket sets the bar when it comes to waterfowl clothing. The jacket, and moreover the complete Sitka Waterfowl Systems, integrate all the characteristics waterfowl hunters need and expect to hold up for a seasonlong pursuit of ducks and geese.

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