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Bear Moment Bow Review

By: Brandon Rapp, Kinseys Outdoor Field Staff Member

I’m completely new to Bear Archery and when I was researching to get a new bow for this season their name kept coming up in different searches. Having few expectations prior to trying it may have helped sway my opinion but the Bear Moment is the best, most comfortable shooting bow out of the box I have ever owned.

It’s everything I want out of a hunting bow. It’s light, compact, smooth, fast, accurate, and quiet. I think what impressed me the most was the bow’s accuracy out of the box thanks in large part to the Trophy Ridge sight and rest installed for me by Doug at Kinsey’s Outdoors.

I’ve had more expensive bows with lots of bells and whistles and have really enjoyed them.  But for me, this is a great bow for someone who wants the most value for their money all at a price point that really is attainable for hunters looking to hit the woods with confidence this fall.

 Check out the Bear Moment


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