Kayak Fishing Accessories That Can Make a Huge Difference

Kayak Fishing Accessories You Can’t Be Without on the Water

Fishing from a kayak opens up undiscovered opportunities to catch fish. Places where boats can’t get to and off the grid rivers suddenly become an oasis for catching fish. The advantages kayaks open up for the angler go only so far without the right kayak fishing accessories. Whether you are getting started kayak fishing or looking for an extra edge while on the water, there are many ways one can go about customizing a kayak for fishing. You want to capitalize on the benefits of fishing with a kayak as an angler.

Benefits of Fishing with a Kayak

The kayak is a unique vessel. It allows anglers to fish silently and stealthy in almost all types of water. Anglers use kayaks in both fresh and saltwater. They are effective in the tidal waters, coastal flats, large rivers and mountain lakes. Their versatility is one of the biggest advantages anglers gain from fishing with a kayak. In addition, kayaks also provide good physical exercise. They are an excellent outdoor activity and provide a complete cardio workout each time you are on the water. Several accessories, including several kayak fishing accessories, are a must to reap all the benefits of kayak fishing.

4 Must-Have Kayak Accessories

The same fishing tactics are effective, generally, when kayak fishing. Rod and reels, as well as fishing lures, can be easily transferred to use while on a kayak. The difference, however, is the must-have kayak accessories, which is driven more by the kayak itself rather than the act of fishing.

  • Life vest – A life vest is required by law in most states when using a kayak. Get a good quality fishing life vest like the Onyx Kayak Fishing Paddle Vest so it is comfortable and easy to maneuver in while paddling and fishing. Also, remember that it only works if you wear it!

  • Kayak paddle – A paddle may seem like one of those no-brainer must-have kayak accessories. Well, it is, however, not just any paddle will do. Look for a lightweight paddle like the Lifetime Lite Elite Kayak Paddle that weighs less than 3-lbs and has an ergonomic curved blade design to reduce drag while paddling.

  • Safety and personal care – A small waterproof container with some basic first aid supplies (bandages, pain medicine, etc.) can go a long way if you get a minor injury on the water. Also, pack small containers of sunscreen and bug spray to prevent sunburn and keep those nasty biting insects off you while kayaking.

These four must-have kayak accessories are all you need if you plan to simply kayak or just take a quick fishing trip after work on the local lake. However, in addition to these, there are more kayak fishing accessories that will completely round out your fishing kayak.


Kayak Fishing Accessories You Can’t Be Without

Now that you have the essential kayak accessories, it’s time to focus on the best kayak accessories for fishing. Although you can catch fish without these six must-have kayak fishing accessories, your day on the water will be increasingly more productive when you have them. Customizing a kayak for fishing by including these accessories will increase comfort and make your kayak more functional, which will give you a significant advantage while fishing.

  • Seat upgrade – The standard kayak seat is fine for a few hours of fishing but any more than that and you will start to feel it in your back. An upgraded seat provides additional support and cushion to give you extra time fishing.
  • Rod holders – Setting up a fishing kayak has to involve rod holders. There are two types and having both on your kayak is helpful. The first is kayak flush mount rod holders. These are perfect for stowing your rods while paddling to a new spot. The other type is removable rod holders. These are typically mounted towards the front of the kayak and are great for holding your rod while making quick adjustments.
  • Fishfinder – One of the best must-have kayak fishing accessories is a fishfinder. These will allow you to target bass during the spawn and find schools of panfish much more easily. Choose a fishfinder in the 4- to 5-inch screen size range and one that also has a built-in GPS for marking fishing spots and navigating bodies of waters.
  • Landing net – There is limited space in most kayaks but another one of the kayak fishing accessories you can’t be without is a landing net. Landing fish, especially big fish, from a kayak, is challenging. Trying to manage your rod and the fish all without tipping over is not easy. A landing net ensures you land more fish and more importantly remain dry while doing so. The Frabill folding telescopic net saves space on a kayak but still provides a net when landing big fish.

  • Kayak anchor – One of the best kayak fishing setup tips is to include an anchor and anchor system. All you need is a small anchor between 1.5 and 4-lbs to hold you on a spot in current or wind. Be sure to include or install in your anchor system a quick release mechanism. This is to insure you don’t get pulled under in the event of not being able to release the anchor.

  • Tackle storage – Tackle has to be concise and easily accessible when kayak fishing. Choose watertight tackle storage trays to keep hooks, weights and lures dry. Multiple small boxes labeled properly, such as trout fishing lures, are easy to stow and use as opposed to large tackle trays when fishing from a kayak.

There are many different kayak fishing accessories on the market. You first want to start with the essential kayak accessories which include a life vest, paddle, dry storage and safety/personal care items. These kayak fishing accessories will get you on the water but must-have kayak fishing accessories like an upgraded seat, kayak fishing rod holders, fishfinder, landing net, anchor and well thought out tackle storage system will put you in a position to catch more fish.

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