We’ve expanded our gunsmithing shop and equipment to serve you better. Whether you want scope work done or you’re looking to get trigger feel just right, Kinsey’s Gunsmith will work with you to set up your gun — your way.

Professional Gunsmithing

Kinsey’s offers a wide range of gunsmith services designed to keep your firearms in prime working condition. Our Gunsmith will work with you to achieve the look, feel and function you’re looking for, because when you walk into a field or aim down range, you’ll shoot with confidence knowing your firearm is setup right — just for you.


We offer a number of specialty gunsmithing services for a wide range of firearms.

Gunsmith Certifications

You can trust your firearm will be repaired or cleaned to your specifications by our trained professionals. Our gunsmiths have obtained the appropriate certifications and strive to stay current with on-going education courses.

American Gunsmithing Institute

Glock Firearms Certified Armorer

M&P Pistol Armorer

Service: Starting at:
Labor Rate per Quarter Hour $15
Inspect Firearm & Prepare Quote – Applied to Service Work $40
Basic Cleaning $30
Detailed Cleaning $75
Install Fiber Optic or Night Sights $20 (one) $35 (set)
Polish Chamber or Feed Ramp $40
Basic Trigger Job $75
Drill & Tap Receiver for Top Mount $35 (hole)
Bore Sight Rifle or Shotgun $15
Basic Sight-in Rifle $100
Install Sling Studs (Includes Parts) $40
Check Headspace $40
Assemble Lower Parts Kit $50
Cut Down a Shotgun Barrel (Single) $50
Cut Down a Shotgun Barrel (Double) $85
Drill/Tap Vent Rib for Front or Mid Bead $30 (one) $50 (set)
Remove Dent from Shotgun Barrel or Magazine $60
Polish Shotgun Barrel $65
Pattern Shotgun $65
Free Float Barrel $60
Install Recoil Pad (Does Not Include Pad) $65
Install Choke Tubes/Single Barrel (plus tubes) $100
Install Choke Tubes/Double Barrel (plus tubes) $175
Hunters Recrown $60
Repair Cracked Stock (Does Not Include Refinish) $50
Stock Refinish (Open Grain) $225
Stock Refinish (Closed Grain) $325
Thread Barrel Without Thread Protector  $105
Thread Barrel Includes Custom Thread Protector $145
Cerakote, Durakote, Hydrodip, Reblue, Magnaport POR