Elevation HUNT – Totality Scent Bag Review

Scent Control Bag, Scent Elimination Bag, Totality Scent Bag, Elevation Totality Scent Bag

As a deer hunter, you rely on your gear as any other professional relies on their tools.

Carpenters, mechanics, cooks, hairdressers, even doctors know what they need to reach for to be successful. You also know the importance of scent control when you’re in the woods to outsmart a target that will smell you, long before they see you.

That’s why you play the wind, take extra care of your clothes, keep a bottle of scent spray, and take all the meticulous care that deer hunters do to eliminate excess scent that can cost you when the moment counts the most.

For decades now, deer hunters have used rubber cases for gear storage and scent containment. Easy to get, fairly affordable, and a durable option to keep all of your essentials stowed away and ready for your next trip. However, rubber totes can be bulky, heavy, and take up a lot of space in the car or truck.

For this year, think about switching to the Totality Scent Bag from Elevation. It’s a one-stop go-to scent containment bag for what you need when heading into the deer woods.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the bag is how cavernous its massive interior pocket is, 5,500 cubic inches to be exact.

Somewhere between a suitcase and a military duffle bag, this isn’t a small pack that runs out of room with an extra layer and a few candy bars. This bag has the ability to handle your clothes for the season. Calls, bino harness, and almost anything else you’d need when you leave the truck can be stored in one easy-to-use bag.

What about your boots you might be asking? Surely, they have to stay scent-free and you can’t fit boots in a bag. Guess again, the design team at Elevation covered that too. The sides of the bag feature easy to access and adjustable boot storage whether you wear lace-ups or slip-on rubber boots.

Scent Control Bag, Scent Elimination Bag, Totality Scent Bag, Elevation Totality Scent Bag

Keeping your boots away from your clothes keeps you from worrying about getting mud and blood all over the inside of your storage bag.

Unlike other large duffle style bags, the Totality Scent bag was designed with triangular-shaped construction which lets the bag support itself. Anywhere from a truck bed to a trail head, you won’t have to worry about this bag falling down while you’re getting ready.

So many of us hunters know what an annoyance getting ready can be once you get to your hunting spot. Public or private, trying to stay scent and mud-free can be a pain while getting geared up. That’s why one of the most innovative features is the exterior changing pad. Simply unhook the snap tabs and you have your own built-in floor to keep dry and scent-free.

Scent Control Bag, Scent Elimination Bag, Totality Scent Bag, Elevation Totality Scent Bag

When sunlight is low a silver-lined interior will help you find what you’re looking for a little easier. You get all of those features, with large durable handles, for less than most pay for a single backpack. Then you have your season-long solution for gear storage.

Staying scent-free and organized is only one piece of the deer hunting success puzzle. Honestly, you don’t even have to be organized, but you do want to eliminate your scent.

The Totality Scent bag is the answer for your gear storage needs on the road at camp or close to home.

If your hunting clothing storage setup needs upgraded for this season, look no further than the Elevation Totality Scent Bag.

How To Check The Status of Your Pennsylvania Antlerless Deer Tag Application on HuntFishPA

HuntFishPA, PA Doe Tag, PA Doe Tag Status

How To Check PA Doe Tag Availability and The Status of Your Pennsylvania Antlerless Deer Tag Application on HuntFishPA

If you’re anything like me, patience is a hard thing to come by especially when it pertains to hunting. This rings true every July after Pennsylvania hunting licenses officially go on sale and the lead-up to submitting your antlerless deer tag application.


Every PA hunter is bound to have their own strategy in order to get that pink Pennsylvania Game Commission antlerless deer tag application envelop to their local county treasurer’s desk first thing Monday morning.


My rule of thumb is always trying to send out my antlerless deer application the Friday or Saturday before the Monday that the Antlerless Deer applications go on sale. Whether this level of planning and preparation is warranted or not, I still live by the adage that the early bird gets the worm. Or, in this case, their preferred WMU antlerless deer tag. It has worked for me up to this point so why fix something that isn’t broken?


Once I’ve submitted my antlerless deer application, the anticipation of whether or not I got my preferred WMU begins to build. Again, patience is hard to come by as I anxiously await to receive my self-addressed return envelop with my antlerless deer tag.


In years past, I’ve waited and watched for my check to clear only to wonder what WMU I was awarded out of the 3 WMUs I listed on my application.


However, in more recent years, I’ve learned how you can check the status of your Pennsylvania antlerless deer application. This works whether you’re a PA resident hunter or non-resident hunter.


Checking the status of your antlerless deer tag allows you to not only see if you’ve been awarded an antlerless deer tag, but also which WMU you’ve been awarded a Pennsylvania antlerless deer tag.


In checking the status of your antlerless deer application online, you can help ease your mind in between submitting your PA Antlerless Deer Application and finally receiving your antlerless deer tag in the mail.


Below we’ve outlined how you can check the status of your Pennsylvania Game Commission antlerless deer application status on HuntFishPA.


We’ve also listed how to check the antlerless deer tag availability which includes total allocation, tags sold, and antlerless tags remaining by WMU.

Step 1: Go to the HuntFish.pa.gov website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Log In to My Account’

HuntFishPA, PA Antlerless Deer Tag Application

Step 3: Log In to your account via one of the various methods i.e. SSN, Customer Number, Driver’s License/ID Number, Visa/Passport, or Username/Password

HuntFishPA, PA Antlerless Deer Tag Application

Step 4: Verify the information you provided and click ‘next’ to continue

Step 5: Check whether you are a PA Resident or Non-Resident hunter.

HuntFishPA, PA Antlerless Deer Tag Application

Step 6: Verify your information and click next to continue.


Step 7: Scroll down on your HuntFishPA home screen until you see the various navigation options i.e. Licenses, Boat Registration Renewals and Launch Permits, Applications and Points, and Harvest Reporting.

Step 8: Within the License Info Box – Click the ‘Purchase History Button’

HuntFishPA, PA Doe Tag

Here you’ll see the status of your antlerless deer application.

If you’ve been awarded an antlerless deer tag, you’ll also be able to see which WMU you’ve been awarded one.

HuntFishPA, PA Doe Tag, PA Doe Tag Status

How To Check PA Doe Tag Availability

pa doe tag availability, HuntFishPA

BONUS: You can also check the total PA Antlerless Deer Tag License availability by WMU, as well as the remaining PA Antlerless Deer Tag availability by WMU on the new HuntFishPA website. Check the PA Doe Tag Availability here.


This is both useful if you got a late start in submitting your 1st round antlerless deer tag application, or if you’re curious how many antlerless deer tags remain for a particular WMU for the 2nd round of resident and non-resident antlerless deer tag applications.


UPDATE for 2021:

According to PGC.pa.gov’s website, THREE-LICENSE LIMIT FOR ANTLERLESS DEER HUNTERS HAS BEEN LIFTEDHunters statewide now have the opportunity to apply for and receive additional antlerless deer licenses, as long as those licenses remain available, and provided that a hunter holds no more than six unfilled antlerless licenses at a time.”

For more information on antlerless deer licenses and applications – visit the Pennsylvania Game Commissions website here.

To shop our full line of hunting, archery, and outdoor gear and accessories – visit us online at shop.kinseysoutdoors.com/, or in person at 1658 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA 17552.

Pink Envelope Change — Digital Antlerless Deer License Applications

A proposed change in Harrisburg is advocating for substituting the current system of paper applications being mailed to county treasurers for antlerless deer licenses in Pennsylvania, for a digital one.

Tradition versus technology. The proposed change comes entirely too fast for some, and sluggish at best for others.

While it’s too soon for when hunting licenses go on sale in the middle of June this year, next year could look different with no pink envelopes in hunter’s mailboxes.

Sen. Dan Laughlin of Erie and chair of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee, has proposed Senate Bill 431.

If passed, the bill will allow the ability to sell antlerless deer licenses at authorized issuing agents like Kinsey’s Outdoors.

Seems like a simple sign of the times, right?

Mobile banking and job applications from your smartphone are normal occurrences in 2021.

Every day citizens of the state are brought into technological advances regardless of whether they are ready for them or not.

If you ask around, you could probably find an equal number of hunters you know are for, and against it.

Some appreciate the convenience, while others young and old like the tradition of sitting down to fill out the application and wait for the pink envelope to return in the mail.

The proposed bill would rather see hunters make their way to their local license issuing agent to make those purchases, as they can do now with their regular hunting license.

The argument is for convenience to the hunter and extra foot traffic for the store.

Issuing agents like Kinsey’s Outdoors offer in-store coupons for license purchases and enjoy the chance to have a conversation with local hunters about the upcoming season. An opportunity to answer any questions and help hunters get what they need for success in the field.

Other states have online purchasing systems for their antlerless tags, why not Pennsylvania?

As one of the largest populations of hunters, it’s been argued by the PA County Treasurer Association citing competition as the largest drawback for the proposed change.

With as fast as some units sell out, it could create less opportunity for some hunters.

Some in the association feel that issuing agents and the system itself, won’t be able to handle the demand without crashing the system.

The association also argues that in-person staff can answer record-keeping questions and resolve problems created in the computer database.

At this point, county treasurer offices receive one dollar for every application they process. Funds they cite are not put on the Pennsylvania taxpayer.

What does this mean for you?

More than likely nothing for this year as the proposed change is too close to the start of selling licenses on June 14th.

Hunters are urged to contact their state representative and let them know whether they favor the change for not.

The coming years could certainly adjust to technology’s ability to provide a better version of a service. When discussing the best way to do things, it’s subjective to say, especially in a state where hunting traditions are as deep as they are in Pennsylvania.

For more information on antlerless deer licenses and applications – visit the Pennsylvania Game Commissions website here.

To shop our full line of hunting, archery, and outdoor gear and accessories – visit us online at shop.kinseysoutdoors.com/, or in person at 1658 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA 17552.

Spring Turkey Hunting Gear and Tactics

Turkey Hunting Gear and Tactics for a Successful Turkey Hunt

Coming out of the frost of winter is the chance to feel alive again like the budding forest around you. The start of a new cycle that will end with the cracking of brown leaves in November.

You’re back out where you feel the most comfortable to play to ultimate trick on a bird that thinks they know everything. It’s hard to beat the first days of sunshine and warm weather than spring in Pennsylvania.

From Lake Erie to Middle Creek, turkey hunters are dusting off old gear and old stories for another 30 days of spring thunder.

Continue reading to learn more about the important spring turkey hunting gear and tactics you need to implement to have a successful spring turkey hunt.

Spring Turkey Hunting Gear

Unless you’re Matt Morrett you probably never listed “Wild Turkey” as a second language on a job application. Even if you’re not a long-time turkey hunting professional it doesn’t mean you can’t get the same results as the pros.

Just past the checkout desks where you’re welcomed to the store, you’ll find a large selection of today’s best turkey calls from Zink, Quaker Boy, Primos, and more.

From box to slate and diaphragm to locator calls, the racks have what you need to fool this year’s gobbler.

This year one of the best values for the money is the Zink Z-Pak package containing three diaphragm calls. If you need to hit the ground running this season with a new set of turkey calls, this is it.

Containing a split reed cut for ease of use, a cutter style cut for quick cuts and yelps, and a combo cut for that old raspy hen sound. A free Turkey Time University DVD comes with the package showing you how to use not only the mouth calls, but friction calls as well like box and slate calls.

You’re going to need something to carry those shiny new calls in along with your shells and snacks. If you’re new to turkey hunting, many seasoned pros will tell you an essential piece of gear is the turkey vest.

A lightweight carry-all vest worn over your camo for quick easy access to all of your turkey fooling tools. You have plenty to choose from with the best this year has to offer. Check out the  Knight and Hale Run N Gun 200 Realtree Edge Turkey Vest On our website.

The ultimate tactic that can seal the deal or end the morning early is a turkey decoy. When in competition for hens, male turkeys don’t want to see other options for the female turkeys in the woods.

A male turkey decoy could be enough to bring him in close, and the other side of that coin is a female turkey decoy that could bring him in closer if he’s looking for a mate. Lightweight and affordable this year we have the Flextone Thunder Jake Turkey Decoy.

Spring Turkey Hunting Tactics

Most of us who’ve hunted at least one spring turkey season in the past know it as a morning pursuit. Up and in the woods before dawn when the woods begin to wake up.

Changes to the season’s laws have allowed for all-day hunting in the last two weeks of the season. Where the first two weeks can force you out of the woods by the strike of noon, some of the best hunting can happen when the season is almost over so don’t give up if you don’t have success early.

If you decide to get your money’s worth out of the license fee, and wouldn’t mind sleeping in a little, aim to hit your hunting spot from 8 am to 9 am. Hen turkeys tend to leave gobblers mid to late morning to nest leaving the tom turkeys free to wander the woods.

Most turkey hunters have left by this time as well usually in search of breakfast and a nap. Use your calls softly and sparingly, take your time working the woods and have fun.

There’s a lot to be learned from hunting the “off” times when there’s not as much hunting pressure and these birds are free to do what they want to do.

As always be safe, know your target, and good luck!

We’re always happy when successful hunters bring trophies of all sizes to the store, so feel free to stop by and show us when you fill that tag!

Top 5 Late Winter and Early Spring Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Off-Season Practice and Preparation

Spring for most, is a date on the calendar. It’s hope for those who spend their winters in offices, homes, and commuter lanes.

It’s as if most of the people you talk to only consider the world to exist when the temperature is above 70 degrees.

That’s when we don’t have to shovel and salt the walkway, put on the coat and tear the house apart to find our gloves before running out of the door.

So many times, you hear “there’s just nothing to do in winter.”

By now you’ve probably archery hunted the late season, had your last shot at geese, and stretched your season out with small game.

Some of us have been busy finding whitetail sheds and tying flies.

Usually around this time of year though it can be tough to find ways to enjoy being outside with limited fishing and hunting opportunities.

For the winter’s last final grip of 4-6 weeks, depending on which groundhog’s prediction you trust, the cure for your restlessness might be to stop by the store.

Continue reading to learn more about our top 5 late winter and early spring activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

1. Shop New Hunting and Fishing Products

Outdoor product manufacturers are always looking toward next season.

In fact, trade shows for hunting and fishing companies are exclusively in the colder winter months when fewer of us are out in the field doing what we love.

That’s when new bows and fishing gear start to arrive so there are few better times in the year to get a jump on what you’ll need for warm-weather activities.

2. Shoot Our Indoor Archery Range and TechnoHunt

Hardcore archers shoot all year long, and the cold icy days of winter don’t have to stop you from shooting with our heated indoor archery range.

Winter doesn’t even have to stop you from spending an afternoon drawing back on elk, whitetail, turkey, antelope, grizzly bears, and even rattlesnakes — all in the same day.

With our indoor TechnoHunt range you and one friend can enjoy traveling the world and testing your archery skills on moving targets.

The scoring of your shots can even lend itself to some friendly competition about who’ll have to buy dinner, or drinks, after you’re done.

Once the days warm up and the woods start to become green again, local sporting and archery clubs are quick to set up the 3-D targets for archers.

Taking your archery skill test on a 3-D course is a perfect way to judge distance and form while out on a hike.

If you’re thinking about a new bow, rest, or release for the fall, there’s few better times to start now and practice all spring and summer. While being fun, it’s a set recipe for confidence in the tree stand this November.

3. Upgrade Your Fishing Rods, Reels, Tackle, and Bait

You also don’t have to wait until the night before the trout opener to look at new rods and reels.

The fishing section is currently stocked with this year’s newest and best.

There’s even a new version of the classics that never need a change to help you reel in your limit this year.

4. Prep For Spring Turkey Season

Turkey season in less than two months.

You probably still have your snow shovel handy, but still now is the time to start shopping and practicing your calls while checking in on your spring hunting gear.

Turkey calling icons Matt Morrett and Eddy Salter will tell you, practice early, often, and in your truck.

Even the best spouse will at some point become, less than supportive of your rehearsing.

Take the time now to sharpen your calling skills, without landing you in the dog house.

5. Grab a New Pair of Hunting Boots

Boots especially take 4-6 weeks to break in, and you wouldn’t want to lose any time chasing long beards because blisters forced you back to the truck early.

Every day it seems, there are more boot and footwear choices on the shelves at the store.

If your boots don’t have the tread they used to, or your socks got soaked on an early morning hunt, now’s the time to take a look at an upgrade.


Winter shopping can lend itself to a more enjoyable experience.

Usually, fewer people are out trying to get the same gear at the same time and more products are in stock and available.

It’s a great reason to get out of the house and put you in a better position when things thaw out in a few weeks.

To shop our full assortment of archery, hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear – visit our website at show.kinseysoutdoors.com or stop by and visit us in-store at 1658 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA 17552.


Pennsylvania Launches HuntFishPA

HuntFishPA, new HuntFishPA website

HuntFishPA: A New Mobile-Friendly Outdoor Licensing Website

The PA Game Commission and the PA Fish and Boat Commission worked together to launch HuntFishPA, a new singular website for hunters, anglers, and boaters in the Keystone State. 

The new site, HuntFishPA, replaces the old Pennsylvania Automatic Licensing System (PALS) website, also known as The Outdoor Shop. 

HuntFishPA serves as a one-stop-shop to purchase licenses, launch permits, check the status of your antlerless deer tag, elk preference points, report harvests, and purchase other items from the organizations such as patches, t-shirts, posters, magazine subscriptions, and much more.

As the world continues to use more mobile devices and the technology becomes faster and smaller – the outdoor community in Pennsylvania felt it was time to update their licensing website accordingly. 

You can now create an account to log in to a personalized page, or checkout as a guest to make your purchases without a customizable account. 

The HuntFishPA site features a more transparent and easier to use system that should help to clear any confusion about what permits are needed and how to get them without having to navigate multiple sites. 

The system has a feature that remembers prior purchases so you can re-order, or even set your account up for an autorenewal. That way if you decide to head out at the last minute you’ll be covered if your local retailer is closed. 

If you still like to go to the store to buy your annual license, like I do, that’s also an option as the new system is used at 750 locations throughout the state

More importantly, if you enjoy buying your license at Kinsey’s Outdoors and taking advantage of the in-store coupons offered – you won’t miss a thing. 

It’s also worth mentioning that a new, more rugged green license will replace those familiar yellow licenses of years past. 

For more information on all of the updates and improvements to the new HuntFishPA website – check out the full details here.

To shop our full line of hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear and accessories – visit us online at shop.kinseysoutdoors.com/, or in person at 1658 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA 17552.

PA Rifle Season Hunting

Tradition, there’s plenty of it this time of year. The time of year when you look at the calendar a few more times than you normally would. A time of year when you spend those vacation days as carefully as you do your hard-earned dollars. Making that time off last and giving yourself as much valuable time in the woods as you can.


Whether you’re heading up to camp or a stand close to home – this is an exciting time of year. A year’s worth of preparation from spring scouting, through the summer heat, and now opening morning is finally here. Dust off your blaze orange vest and that lucky hat because we’re ready for the deer rifle season in Pennsylvania.


Preparation almost seems like most of the fun the more seasons we take part in. Make no mistake it can be tough with work and school schedules. Carving out precious time to head to the range and make sure your trusted rifle is dialed in and ready when you need it. Putting in the work and knowing our gear is ready for the woods is what makes Pennsylvania hunters the envy of so many other states. We have a long history of serious hunters from Daniel Boone all the way down to our own families.


Understanding the value of the best gear you can afford for yourself is something we understand, because, like you, we know what helps you succeed from the high country up north, to the farm fields in the south. We’ve spent those mornings in the stand learning expensive lessons from cheap gear sold at the big box stores. If you’ve been thinking about replacing a piece of gear that’s seen better seasons or feel like an upgrade would help make your trip more enjoyable this year, stop out to the store. With a wide array of brands to fit what you’re looking for in quality and price, we can help you find what you need because we use it too.


When the temperature drops and you need to be in the stand all day, take a look at the full line of Field Sheer heated jackets and socks. Powered by Mobile Warming technology, it’s the edge you may be looking for at a price that’s far less than what you’ll be willing to pay on a cold cold day in the stand.


Also, don’t forget about our extensive line of blaze orange clothing. Blaze orange can fade over time and actually become illegal making you susceptible to a game warden’s ticket book. If you can’t remember that last time you updated your orange, you may want to stop out to look at updating now, so you don’t have any problems later.


Rifle scopes, binoculars, and range finders are also all great items to take stock of this time of year. With Antler restrictions for most hunters throughout the state, it’s always good to know if that buck coming towards you from a hundred yards out is legal and worthy of a heavy heartbeat. Knowing your distance and knowing you have a clear shot also gives you the confidence you need when you set out for this season.


Finally, don’t forget about our huge footwear section. From hunting to casual, if you need some help keeping dry and warm with new boots and socks, we carry some of the best brands at some of the best prices.


So, for what you need for this rifle season, from the backcountry to your backyard, stop in and take a look at the great products we have in stock. From all of us at Kinsey’s Outdoors be excited, be safe, best of luck, and let us know how you do out there.

PA Pheasant Hunting, pheasant hunting, pheasant

Pheasant Hunting

Putting your boots on in a parking area with the sun just rising over a field, you can see opportunity with every patch of open grass and hedgerow. This is how so many of these hunts begin. When you load some shells in your orange vest, sometimes tattered with generations of thorns, grab your shotgun and start walking toward the tall grass it’s almost impossible not to get a sense of the tradition. Not much has changed, this is how previous generations would have looked, what they would have used, how they would have hunted.

The tactics are simple. There are no calls, no decoys, no waiting for hours on end. Look for where the birds may be hiding in the thick cover and move to flush them into the air for a chance to take one of the most popular game birds in Pennsylvania, the ring-necked pheasant.

If you know of anyone looking to get into hunting, or if you’re looking for an accessible hunting experience, this is one of the best hunts for anyone of any skill level. First off, it’s as social or as solo as you would want to make it. Mostly, it’s a group hunt with around 4 hunters per group. Staying together hunting in a horizontal line as a tactic and a means of safety when working your way through a field of bird cover.

It’s a great chance for casual conversation with your group as you stroll along on the lookout for the larger upland game bird. When flushing birds, be ready for the instant chaos that is a skyrocketing pheasant out of the grass or hedgerow before it begins flying off in the opposite direction. Be sure to know your shotgun so you can calmly take the gun’s safety off, shoulder the gun, and aim for the shot. You’ll have time to make the shot if you know your gun and know your abilities. Don’t ever take a shot at a bird low to the ground or if you’re not confident about if you can cleanly hit it.

One of the unique features of pheasant hunting is the use of bird dogs to find, flush, and retrieve birds. Those hunters who make the commitment of bringing a bird dog into their lives know the around the clock responsibility that it is. If you are able to hunt with someone who has a bird dog, by all means don’t waste the chance. More importantly, be respectful of the owner and how they hunt with their dog. Dogs, and their owners for that matter, all have different personalities and it’s worth asking a few questions before you get in the field about how they would like to hunt. Again, safety should be the first thought on everyone’s minds for humans, and dogs.

Pennsylvania does require the purchase of a pheasant hunting stamp ($26.90) in addition to a state hunting license. Most of the birds found on hunting lands in the state have been hatched, raised, and released by the game commission. The price of the stamp is to help offset the costs of operations putting the birds out for hunters.

If you’re asking why we don’t have wild pheasants, the game commission has been working on that. Several areas of the state have been zoned off to no hunting. This is an attempt the get released populations of wild pheasants trapped and brought here from the western United States to take hold on their own.

With seasons in October through February here in Pennsylvania, it’s worth working through the brush to break up your hunting season looking for these birds. Don’t miss the chance at making some great memories hunting one of the tastiest game birds around.

Brandon’s New Compound Bow Upgrade

Buying a New Compound Bow

Buying a new compound bow is a big purchase no doubt about it. It’s something you’re going to spend a lot of time with sharing both successes and frustrations. A fairly serious investment for most of us, you want to make sure buyer’s remorse and disappointment are the last thoughts you have when you open that bow case on your way to the range or the woods.

As fun as it can be, going to the archery shop looking for a new compound bow can be nerve-racking. It’s understandable with all of the different makes and models, features, and available upgrades. Someone looking to upgrade their bow can be easily overwhelmed by all of the options available to them.

When it comes to the bow buying experience, bigger isn’t always better. Many times, archers will find that sacrificing service for selection is the way to go. You shouldn’t feel like you’re just another transaction. You’re spending a good deal of your money, someone shouldn’t be telling you what to do, they should help guide you through the process by answering any questions you may have.

When looking at some outdated and overused parts of my current bow, I realized it had been over 5 years since I had last upgraded and knew it was time for a trip to the archery counter at Kinsey’s Outdoors. Having been a customer before I was a Field Staff member, I knew that I would have a wide array of options and selection for the brands and models of the newest bows. Not only is it the vast bow selection, but it’s also the archery accessories and arrows I need are all available there in the store. No shipping, no substitutions, no waiting.

The service I’ve always experienced is, to me, how an archery shop should be. Even the staff members I haven’t met are always  happy to help me and answer my questions. It doesn’t matter how busy they are, they want to help you be happy with your purchase and shoot better because they are recreational shooters, archers, and hunters themselves.

Walking back to the bow wall, I found the biggest brands and newest compound bows to pick up and check out. You can look at every catalog and website you want, but there’s just no substitute for holding and drawing back a bow for yourself. You might find the bow you’ve been looking at is a little heavy, not quite the size you thought, or just as perfect as you thought it’d be.

Over the years I’ve shot and hunted with Mathews, Bear, and Hoyt. All three were available with some additional brands like Bowtech to try out as well. I personally feel comfortable shooting a Hoyt and wanted to try out their new Torrex bow. So, in no time at all one of the staff was happy to hand me a few arrows, a release, and walk me over to the test range. There you have nothing to worry about but drawing and shooting at a target roughly 10 yards away.

After a few arrows, Kinsey’s Outdoors Pro Staff member, Doug, was helping me fit my previous sights and rest from my old bow onto my new compound bow. A process that’s not only educational but easy. For the next 20 minutes or so, I just got to hang out and chat about all things hunting with other members of the staff.

Not long after that, it was upstairs to the indoor archery range to sight the bow in at 20 yards. A few adjustments later it was dialed in and ready for the woods. For me, the bow’s weight was perfect, it’s accurate and draws easily from the early season to the late season. That’s all I really ask of my hunting bows and this one delivered on all accounts.

I decided to keep my old bow as a back up in case I need it. You certainly don’t have to and Kinsey’s Outdoors wants to help you sell your old bow if that’s what you need to do in order to buy a new bow. It’s a service I’ve used in the past and they’ll handle all of the details of selling your old bow on consignment. For me, it has helped bridge the gap getting a new bow when I didn’t really want to keep my old bow.

You may know what you want, you may not. Whether you want or need a new compound bow it’s definitely worth the trip to the easy-going archery counter at Kinsey’s Outdoors. They hunt, they shoot, and they have the experience to point you in the right direction to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Three Sundays to Hunt

No matter on which side of the conversation you were on, history will be made this hunting season in Pennsylvania. For the first time ever, hunters will be legally allowed to hunt deer and bear on a Sunday expanding opportunities for hunters whose time is at a premium with work, school, and other family activities.

You may have seen the headlines back in the spring and even sifted through an article or two when the announcement was made. Now that historic change is close on the calendar, some may not know when, and what can be hunted these first Sundays.

The final approval was given to the dates of November 15 for archery deer hunting, November 22 for firearms bear hunting, and November 29 for firearms deer hunting. This three-week span undoubtedly provides an enormous opportunity for green or seasoned hunters and their families to make the most out of limited time afield.

The first Sunday during archery season for deer is not only an extra chance to fill that tag alone, it also occurs during a coveted, although debated and always changing, timing of the whitetail breeding season known to archery hunters as the rut. Bucks consumed with the yearly focus on breeding with receptive does tend to throw caution aside and come out of hiding providing an opportunity to hunters at larger bucks who most of the year spend their time hiding and moving at night.

November 22 brings a gift in the form of a firearms bear hunting opportunity, which if you’ve never participated in hunting for bear here in the keystone state, try to make friends with someone who’ll take you. The experience to hunt these elusive animals in some of the state’s prettiest country is a challenge well worth the effort. Having that first Sunday really opens things up to hunters who may have limited vacation time to use on an already limited season.

Finally, the tradition of traditions in Pennsylvania, the firearms season for whitetail deer. Generations of hunters can search back through some of their favorite memories of hunting with family and friends, here and gone, on those frosty mornings waiting for that shot. Corkboards in camps across the state are filled the pictures of past seasons. Cherished memories hanging there with every thumbtack.

Now hunters young and old have a chance to make more of those memories. Especially those families with limited time to spare, that in recent years elected not to go at all because a single day wasn’t worth time and money to go. This also benefits those communities in the state that rely on hunter dollars coming in as a result of this tradition. Revenue that had been declining hopefully now, will be infused back into these communities as hunters can justify spending money on a trip to the woods.

Whether you’ve had these dates circled on your calendar, or didn’t know about them, try to take advantage of this historic opportunity. This change has come after decades of debate in a state with a rich hunting tradition and an incredible opportunity for game on abundant public and private land. This is something a lot of individuals and organizations fought to achieve in the newspapers and the halls of the state capital. You’re likely to interact with other hunters and non-hunters out there who may not know the new regulations. Be safe and respectful, we as hunters get to see and take part in a lot of incredible things while hunting not everyone understands.

From all of us at Kinsey’s Outdoors be excited, be safe, best of luck, and let us know how you do out there.