Top 5 Late Winter and Early Spring Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Off-Season Practice and Preparation

Spring for most, is a date on the calendar. It’s hope for those who spend their winters in offices, homes, and commuter lanes.

It’s as if most of the people you talk to only consider the world to exist when the temperature is above 70 degrees.

That’s when we don’t have to shovel and salt the walkway, put on the coat and tear the house apart to find our gloves before running out of the door.

So many times, you hear “there’s just nothing to do in winter.”

By now you’ve probably archery hunted the late season, had your last shot at geese, and stretched your season out with small game.

Some of us have been busy finding whitetail sheds and tying flies.

Usually around this time of year though it can be tough to find ways to enjoy being outside with limited fishing and hunting opportunities.

For the winter’s last final grip of 4-6 weeks, depending on which groundhog’s prediction you trust, the cure for your restlessness might be to stop by the store.

Continue reading to learn more about our top 5 late winter and early spring activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

1. Shop New Hunting and Fishing Products

Outdoor product manufacturers are always looking toward next season.

In fact, trade shows for hunting and fishing companies are exclusively in the colder winter months when fewer of us are out in the field doing what we love.

That’s when new bows and fishing gear start to arrive so there are few better times in the year to get a jump on what you’ll need for warm-weather activities.

2. Shoot Our Indoor Archery Range and TechnoHunt

Hardcore archers shoot all year long, and the cold icy days of winter don’t have to stop you from shooting with our heated indoor archery range.

Winter doesn’t even have to stop you from spending an afternoon drawing back on elk, whitetail, turkey, antelope, grizzly bears, and even rattlesnakes — all in the same day.

With our indoor TechnoHunt range you and one friend can enjoy traveling the world and testing your archery skills on moving targets.

The scoring of your shots can even lend itself to some friendly competition about who’ll have to buy dinner, or drinks, after you’re done.

Once the days warm up and the woods start to become green again, local sporting and archery clubs are quick to set up the 3-D targets for archers.

Taking your archery skill test on a 3-D course is a perfect way to judge distance and form while out on a hike.

If you’re thinking about a new bow, rest, or release for the fall, there’s few better times to start now and practice all spring and summer. While being fun, it’s a set recipe for confidence in the tree stand this November.

3. Upgrade Your Fishing Rods, Reels, Tackle, and Bait

You also don’t have to wait until the night before the trout opener to look at new rods and reels.

The fishing section is currently stocked with this year’s newest and best.

There’s even a new version of the classics that never need a change to help you reel in your limit this year.

4. Prep For Spring Turkey Season

Turkey season in less than two months.

You probably still have your snow shovel handy, but still now is the time to start shopping and practicing your calls while checking in on your spring hunting gear.

Turkey calling icons Matt Morrett and Eddy Salter will tell you, practice early, often, and in your truck.

Even the best spouse will at some point become, less than supportive of your rehearsing.

Take the time now to sharpen your calling skills, without landing you in the dog house.

5. Grab a New Pair of Hunting Boots

Boots especially take 4-6 weeks to break in, and you wouldn’t want to lose any time chasing long beards because blisters forced you back to the truck early.

Every day it seems, there are more boot and footwear choices on the shelves at the store.

If your boots don’t have the tread they used to, or your socks got soaked on an early morning hunt, now’s the time to take a look at an upgrade.


Winter shopping can lend itself to a more enjoyable experience.

Usually, fewer people are out trying to get the same gear at the same time and more products are in stock and available.

It’s a great reason to get out of the house and put you in a better position when things thaw out in a few weeks.

To shop our full assortment of archery, hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear – visit our website at or stop by and visit us in-store at 1658 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA 17552.


PA Rifle Season Hunting

Tradition, there’s plenty of it this time of year. The time of year when you look at the calendar a few more times than you normally would. A time of year when you spend those vacation days as carefully as you do your hard-earned dollars. Making that time off last and giving yourself as much valuable time in the woods as you can.


Whether you’re heading up to camp or a stand close to home – this is an exciting time of year. A year’s worth of preparation from spring scouting, through the summer heat, and now opening morning is finally here. Dust off your blaze orange vest and that lucky hat because we’re ready for the deer rifle season in Pennsylvania.


Preparation almost seems like most of the fun the more seasons we take part in. Make no mistake it can be tough with work and school schedules. Carving out precious time to head to the range and make sure your trusted rifle is dialed in and ready when you need it. Putting in the work and knowing our gear is ready for the woods is what makes Pennsylvania hunters the envy of so many other states. We have a long history of serious hunters from Daniel Boone all the way down to our own families.


Understanding the value of the best gear you can afford for yourself is something we understand, because, like you, we know what helps you succeed from the high country up north, to the farm fields in the south. We’ve spent those mornings in the stand learning expensive lessons from cheap gear sold at the big box stores. If you’ve been thinking about replacing a piece of gear that’s seen better seasons or feel like an upgrade would help make your trip more enjoyable this year, stop out to the store. With a wide array of brands to fit what you’re looking for in quality and price, we can help you find what you need because we use it too.


When the temperature drops and you need to be in the stand all day, take a look at the full line of Field Sheer heated jackets and socks. Powered by Mobile Warming technology, it’s the edge you may be looking for at a price that’s far less than what you’ll be willing to pay on a cold cold day in the stand.


Also, don’t forget about our extensive line of blaze orange clothing. Blaze orange can fade over time and actually become illegal making you susceptible to a game warden’s ticket book. If you can’t remember that last time you updated your orange, you may want to stop out to look at updating now, so you don’t have any problems later.


Rifle scopes, binoculars, and range finders are also all great items to take stock of this time of year. With Antler restrictions for most hunters throughout the state, it’s always good to know if that buck coming towards you from a hundred yards out is legal and worthy of a heavy heartbeat. Knowing your distance and knowing you have a clear shot also gives you the confidence you need when you set out for this season.


Finally, don’t forget about our huge footwear section. From hunting to casual, if you need some help keeping dry and warm with new boots and socks, we carry some of the best brands at some of the best prices.


So, for what you need for this rifle season, from the backcountry to your backyard, stop in and take a look at the great products we have in stock. From all of us at Kinsey’s Outdoors be excited, be safe, best of luck, and let us know how you do out there.

Three Sundays to Hunt

No matter on which side of the conversation you were on, history will be made this hunting season in Pennsylvania. For the first time ever, hunters will be legally allowed to hunt deer and bear on a Sunday expanding opportunities for hunters whose time is at a premium with work, school, and other family activities.

You may have seen the headlines back in the spring and even sifted through an article or two when the announcement was made. Now that historic change is close on the calendar, some may not know when, and what can be hunted these first Sundays.

The final approval was given to the dates of November 15 for archery deer hunting, November 22 for firearms bear hunting, and November 29 for firearms deer hunting. This three-week span undoubtedly provides an enormous opportunity for green or seasoned hunters and their families to make the most out of limited time afield.

The first Sunday during archery season for deer is not only an extra chance to fill that tag alone, it also occurs during a coveted, although debated and always changing, timing of the whitetail breeding season known to archery hunters as the rut. Bucks consumed with the yearly focus on breeding with receptive does tend to throw caution aside and come out of hiding providing an opportunity to hunters at larger bucks who most of the year spend their time hiding and moving at night.

November 22 brings a gift in the form of a firearms bear hunting opportunity, which if you’ve never participated in hunting for bear here in the keystone state, try to make friends with someone who’ll take you. The experience to hunt these elusive animals in some of the state’s prettiest country is a challenge well worth the effort. Having that first Sunday really opens things up to hunters who may have limited vacation time to use on an already limited season.

Finally, the tradition of traditions in Pennsylvania, the firearms season for whitetail deer. Generations of hunters can search back through some of their favorite memories of hunting with family and friends, here and gone, on those frosty mornings waiting for that shot. Corkboards in camps across the state are filled the pictures of past seasons. Cherished memories hanging there with every thumbtack.

Now hunters young and old have a chance to make more of those memories. Especially those families with limited time to spare, that in recent years elected not to go at all because a single day wasn’t worth time and money to go. This also benefits those communities in the state that rely on hunter dollars coming in as a result of this tradition. Revenue that had been declining hopefully now, will be infused back into these communities as hunters can justify spending money on a trip to the woods.

Whether you’ve had these dates circled on your calendar, or didn’t know about them, try to take advantage of this historic opportunity. This change has come after decades of debate in a state with a rich hunting tradition and an incredible opportunity for game on abundant public and private land. This is something a lot of individuals and organizations fought to achieve in the newspapers and the halls of the state capital. You’re likely to interact with other hunters and non-hunters out there who may not know the new regulations. Be safe and respectful, we as hunters get to see and take part in a lot of incredible things while hunting not everyone understands.

From all of us at Kinsey’s Outdoors be excited, be safe, best of luck, and let us know how you do out there.

4 Benefits of Trading In Your Used Firearm with Kinsey’s Outdoors

In our last blog post we discussed the 4 important factors that affect a used gun’s value. To learn more about what goes into determining the value of a used firearm, you can read that blog here.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the general details that factor into a used firearm trade in value, let’s discuss a few of our core tenants at Kinsey’s Outdoors, and what we like to think are some of the biggest benefits to trading in or cashing in your used firearms through our used gun trade in program.

4 Benefits of Trading In Your Used Firearm with Kinsey’s Outdoors:


1. Fair and Honest Appraisals: As mentioned in our previous article, we know that the decision to trade in a used firearm isn’t always an easy one to make. Many guns hold a certain amount of sentimental value, (which unfortunately can’t be factored into the trade in value, but be assured that it’s not lost on us).


A lot of memories were made and a lot of good times had with many of the firearms that come through our doors. Most outdoorsmen naturally embrace a certain level of nostalgia when it comes to the hunting and shooting sports.


This is just one of the reasons that we pledge to offer fair and honest used firearm appraisals, and do so through a consultative approach.  It’s our goal to have a conversation with you and explain in detail the appraisal process and how we have come up with our offer- rather than treat the transaction as just another number.


We will help you to understand the positive and negative factors pertaining to the trade in value of your firearm and do so in a respectful way.  Hopefully, we can strike a deal that benefits both parties. If not, it’s our ultimate goal to have you leave the store knowing that the rep you dealt with “shot it to you straight”, and gave you some valuable information that you can use in the future.


2. Decreased Liability: We are an FFL dealer.  That means that when we transfer firearms there are certain criteria that we must meet.  We conduct a background check with the sale of every firearm.  In Pennsylvania, you can legally sell long guns privately without conducting background checks or a transfer.


However, that does not mean that it is the best practice, or in your best interest to sell a firearm this way.  Trading in your firearm to Kinsey’s Outdoors ensures that the next owner of the gun has passed a federal background check and reduces your liability for the initial sale of the gun (to us) to zero.


When you sell a gun privately, without a background check or a transfer, you have no control over how many different hands that firearm finds itself in down the road. For this reason, we recommend transferring a privately sold firearm through a FFL dealer.


3. Instant transactions: Finding a buyer for a firearm isn’t always as easy as you might think.  You may need to place a classified ad or rely on word of mouth if you have a gun for sale. Sometimes this takes quite some time for a buyer to find you.


Kinsey’s Outdoors can make you an offer immediately and you can leave the store with the money for your firearm, or a new gun you “traded up” to, at a reduced price.


It’s also safer to sell your firearms through an FFL dealer. It can be a long and arduous process to conduct a transaction with a complete stranger.


4.  No limit: Have a single gun? A couple? An entire gun collection? We’re interested!  It doesn’t matter how big or small the transaction, we would love to take a look at what you have to cash in, trade in, or trade up!  No matter how many guns you have, the fair and honest appraisals we outlined above apply. We treat each gun transaction with the same kind of upstanding respect they all deserve.

Remember, if you are seeking a fair appraisal of your firearm, we won’t be able to do that over the phone. You can bring the used firearm to our store and one of our experienced firearms technicians can provide you with appraisal information and an offer.

Hopefully this article has helped answer and highlight the benefits of selling, trading in, or trading up with Kinsey’s Outdoors’ used firearm program.  We’d be happy to answer more detailed questions you may have, so give us a call at (717) 653-5524 or email us at

For more great products and content related to the great outdoors and the shooting sports, be sure to visit Kinsey’s Outdoors online store at Also, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to date on the latest product offerings, sales, promotions, and contests and giveaways.

4 Important Factors That Affect A Used Gun’s Value

There are a number of reasons that lead firearm owners to consider trading in a used firearm.  Perhaps a particular gun hasn’t found the use for several years that it once did. Maybe a young hunter has outgrown a youth model and is ready for a full-length stock.  Perhaps a western hunt is planned and that spare whitetail rifle could be used as a trade in to make a larger caliber firearm more affordable. Or maybe it’s time to cash in on a collection of firearms that was inherited from a family member.

Whatever the reason may be, all gun owners know that trading in or liquidating a firearm isn’t always the easiest decision. That is part of the reason why we’ve set out to make our used firearm program as clear and concise as possible. We always seek to offer a fair appraisal and clear explanation about gun values. We also help advise customers in order to ensure that their next firearm is the make and model that will meet their needs and be suitable for the intended purposes.

There are many factors that affect the trade in value of a firearm. In this article we will discuss 4 important factors that affect a gun’s value, as well as detail some of the advantages of trading in or “trading up” a firearm with Kinsey’s Outdoors.

4 Important Factors That Affect A Used Gun’s Value:

  1. Condition: The first thing that is taken into consideration when you are trading in a firearm is the gun’s condition.  The condition of the stock and the barrel are very important and have a big impact on the gun’s resale value.


Is the finish on the stock worn or scratched?  Does it show evidence of moisture damage?  Is the checkering or stippling still intact, or does it show significant signs of wear from use or long-time storage in a gun rack?  Does the barrel exhibit signs of rust or pitting? What is the condition of the rifling? Does the throat of the barrel show signs of erosion?  Some calibers are more susceptible to this than others.


Other considerations are how intact the firearm is overall, and are all the parts and pieces present?  Trigger mechanisms, front and rear sights, magazines, and any other original pieces to the firearm are all important during the gun’s appraisal.


Likewise, modifications can impact the value of the firearm.  Has a wooden stock been painted?  Has a shotgun been drilled and tapped, aftermarket, for mounting a scope?


Original condition is optimal, especially for collectors, so these factors weigh heavily on the final appraisal of your gun.


2. Brand & Model, Rarity, and Market Demand: Ok, so we’re packing four factors into one, here.  But since they are all somewhat related, it’s good to discuss them together.


Essentially all firearm manufacturers offer gun calibers in multiple model numbers.  Just like you can buy various trim levels of the same type of sedan, some models from a given manufacturer will have extra bells and whistles which make their retail value higher and help them to maintain a higher trade-in value.


Fluted barrels, fluted bolts, higher quality wood stocks, decorative etching, adjustable triggers and higher quality components, etc., are things that are often included in higher end firearms that are foregone on cheaper models of the same caliber of gun produced by the same manufacturer.


Additionally, resale value is not the same from brand to brand.  Certain brands that have stood the test of time, and are known for their reliable quality, may have a higher resale value than others.  At its root, that comes down to the demand for that manufacturer’s firearms.


Likewise, overall demand factors into a firearms resale value as well.  Less popular calibers, or those that are less common and more difficult to find ammunition for, don’t retain their value as well.


The reality is that there are some great calibers that just never caught on like others have, and so hunters and gun enthusiasts don’t come looking for that type of gun specifically- at least not as often.


Having a firearm of a less popular, or less common caliber, isn’t the same as having a rare or old firearm that is in demand from collectors, so the differentiation between the two should be drawn.


A rare or antique firearm, (even from a manufacturer that has gone out of business and isn’t making firearms anymore), that is highly collectible, will often have a higher resale value than its contemporary counterparts of the same caliber and thus a higher trade in value. Especially when the firearm is still complete and in pristine condition.


3. Optics: Optics do depreciate, but having a quality scope and scope rings on a hunting rifle can increase its trade in value.


The same as with firearms, there are varying levels of quality when it comes to optics, and certain brands add more value to a firearm than others. The mere presence of a scope on a rifle is only part of the conversation.


The brand, quality, and specs of the optics will all factor into how much value it adds to the firearm.  You don’t have to include the optics with the trade in or cash in of your firearm.  If you are looking to trade up to a new firearm or a used firearm of a different caliber, your quality optics can be easily transferred and bore-sighted on your new firearm.


However, if you are looking to upgrade optics by choosing a scope with a larger aperture or different variation, it’s good to consider trading in the scope with the firearm it is attached to.


4. Cashing In vs. Trading In: If you are looking to trade in or “trade up”, as we like to call it, you can get a little more bang for your buck (pun intended).

The trade in offering we provide you with, once your firearm is appraised, can be effectively blended into the sale of a new firearm.  The difference isn’t monumental, but trading in and buying from the same dealer in a one-stop-shop transaction is almost always the best way to maximize the amount of value from your used firearm.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of a used gun appraisal, we don’t offer over the phone appraisals. However, you can call us to schedule an in person appraisal at our retail location. It’s also important to note that we do travel to you to do in person appraisals, especially if you have a large gun collection that you’re looking to sell, trade in, or trade up.

If you have any additional questions in regards to the value of your used firearm, or if you’re looking to schedule a used gun appraisal – feel free to call us at (717) 653-5524 or email us at

For more great products and content related to the great outdoors and the shooting sports, be sure to visit Kinsey’s Outdoors online store at Also, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to date on the latest product offerings, sales, promotions, and contests and giveaways.

Practical Gun Reviews | Savage® Axis II XP Hardwood Review

Savage® Axis II XP Hardwood Review | Centerfire Rifle Ranking

Hunting rifles can be a very contentious subject, depending on who you ask. One person may really enjoy the old standby rifle that was handed down from their grandfather, while another hunter prefers to continually seek the newest firearm technology available. Let’s be clear – there’s nothing wrong with shooting a family heirloom firearm. That’s a very special thing. But even if you fall into that camp, we think there’s something in this Savage® Axis II XP Hardwood review that will start to make you question your decision. Similar to our shotgun review, here’s why this centerfire rifle is such a great option for so many people.

Savage Axis II XP Hardwood Bolt-Action Rifle

The Savage® Axis II XP hardwood rifle is a high quality, well-made bolt-action rifle that can be used for several purposes. This model is a step up from the other rifles in the AXIS series of Savage® rifles, and for several good reasons. The hardwood stock and blued barrel look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s a balanced gun with a 22-inch barrel and weighing around 7 pounds. It comes with a detachable four-round box magazine and a mounted and boresighted Bushnell® Banner™ 3-9x40mm riflescope. The barrel is button rifled to ensure a consistent bore diameter from end to end, and each barrel is hand-straightened if needed. The Savage® Axis II XP hardwood rifle also has a zero tolerance headspace, which is the distance between the chamber and the face of the bolt. Finally, the primary difference between Axis XP and Axis II XP is the Savage® AccuTrigger™ system. This light trigger system can be customized to your individual preferences and shooting style. You can set the trigger pull yourself without having to pay for a gunsmith. But more importantly, the AccuRelease feature on the trigger helps provide an additional safety measure in case the rifle is jarred suddenly (i.e., dropped from your tree stand). Fully depressing the AccuRelease allows you to have a very crisp and light trigger pull.

Savage® Axis II XP Hardwood Review: Benefits

There are several benefits to owning and shooting the Savage® Axis II XP rifle. The gun is very balanced and light enough to easily carry with you on different hunting trips, whether you’re scaling rocky slopes or just hiking through the woods to your deer stand. The detachable four-round box magazine is invaluable when you need to be able to quickly and conveniently load and unload your gun. For example, if you have to ride an ATV into your hunting location, you can keep the magazine clip secure in your pocket while your gun is in an ATV scabbard. When you arrive, you can quickly insert the magazine and start hunting in short order. The boresighted Bushnell® Banner™ 3-9x40mm riflescope helps to get you sighted in faster, though you will still have to zero the scope yourself. Generally, however, it should be fairly close right out of the box, which makes your job even easier. The precise, button rifled bore helps ensure that each round you put through the barrel will stay as accurate and consistent as possible. Additionally, the zero tolerance, minimum headspace ensures that each round is chambered perfectly to provide the most accurate shooting. Having a hair trigger allows you to not influence the shot as much, but it can be unsafe if you accidentally bump it. The AccuTrigger™ system with the AccuRelease feature helps you stay safe while still allowing you a light trigger pull (which you can also adjust yourself). Last, you can find the Savage® Axis II XP for sale at a very reasonable price of $469.99 here.

Savage® Axis II XP Hardwood Review: Best Uses

After reading through the features and benefits in this Savage® Axis II XP hardwood review, it’s hard to think of a situation where this rifle wouldn’t perform well. Chambered in .243 Win, this rifle would be excellent for varmint or coyote hunting. Being able to consistently place shots on a small target is critical for those scenarios. Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor or .30-06, this rifle would be perfect for deer hunting or as an all-purpose hunting rifle. Finally, if you’re pursuing larger game animals (e.g., elk, moose, large predators, etc.), the .308 Win is always a good caliber to use. As far as a hunting rifle review goes, you can see that its versatility and accuracy in the field is what really separates it from others. The features discussed above may well make it one of the best bolt action rifles you’ll find for the price.


Practical Gun Reviews | Benelli® SuperNova Review

Benelli® SuperNova Review | What You Should Know

When it comes to firearms, every hunter or shooter has their own preferences. What one person admires about a gun, another person may hate. This is particularly true in the world of shotguns where pump-action shotguns and over-unders can be surprisingly polarizing in shotgun reviewsBut we think there is one gun that could really entice the interest of just about anyone. This shotgun can be used for either hunting purposes or for self-defense and law enforcement, making it a very adaptable firearmThis Benelli® SuperNova review should give you some insight into this gun and why it is such a great option for many different people.

Benelli® SuperNova 12-Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun


Benelli® SuperNova Review: Features 

The Benelli® SuperNova is a versatile 12-gauge shotgun that can be used for multiple purposes. It is lightweight at under 8 pounds, and yet it is very strong. This is accomplished due to its construction of a steel skeletal frame that is over-molded with a high-tech polymer material. The spacious trigger guards allow easy access even with gloved hands when the conditions are too cold to go without. It comes with a shim kit so you can adjust the drop and cast of the stock easily at home. It features a unique ComforTech® recoil reduction system to cut the Benelli® SuperNova recoil by 52% over a similar pump-action shotgun. It also has a shell-stop button located on the ridge-checkered forend that allows you to unload a round from the chamber without releasing the shells from the magazine tube. All in all, this firearm has several features that make it a slam dunk if you’re looking for a multi-purpose shotgun. 

Benelli® SuperNova Review: Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to shooting this shotgun. First, you can carry it around fairly easily since it is so lightweight. That makes a big difference over a full day if you’re carrying it through the woods after grouse or through a field chasing rooster pheasants. Being able to shoot your shotgun with gloves on in cold weather is huge. Most shotgun trigger guards are much too narrow to allow you to quickly fit your trigger finger through, which can limit your usage in colder conditions. Being able to adjust the stock length of pull via the shim kit is often overlooked by most people. But making sure your shotgun stock fits you uniquely will help improve your shooting accuracy and consistency over time. A proper-fitting stock will easily glide to your shoulder instead of making you fumble around with it. The ComforTech® recoil reduction system definitely makes a big difference on your shoulder over the course of a morning when you’re shooting at fast-moving teal. Having ridge-style checkering along the forend allows you to easily grip it no matter the weather conditions or texture of your gloves. Obviously, being able to cycle another shell into the chamber is important so you can quickly follow up on shots. With a barrel length of 26 inches and a finish in Realtree® APG, it is a great option for swinging on waterfowl. But this specific model is chambered for 3-1/2” magnum shells, which is also perfect for turkey hunting. Finally, the Benelli® SuperNova price is also easier on the wallet than you might think. At $599.99, it really is a steal for a premium shotgun.

Benelli® SuperNova Review: Best Uses

While the Benelli® SuperNova does come in three distinct stock configurations from the manufacturer – Benelli® SuperNova ComforTech®, ComforTech® with Steady Grip™ (i.e., Benelli® SuperNova pistol grip), and collapsible stock for law enforcement – this particular model is only available in the ComforTech® option. Combined with the Benelli® SuperNova camo finish, this model is perfect for waterfowl or turkey hunting, but would work great for deer (given the right slug ammunition), dove, pheasant, or really any small game animal you can think of. It is built to last through tough weather conditions really anywhere in the country. Additionally, the high quality design (as detailed throughout this Benelli® SuperNova review) will make it easier on your body to shoot it all day in comfort. As such, it is hands down a great and reliable shotgun for sporting clays and hunting alike and deserves a spot in your gun cabinet if you’re in the market for one. 


Practical Gun Reviews | Beretta® BU9 Nano Review

Beretta® BU9 Nano Review | Is This the Best Concealed Carry 9mm?

Let’s imagine you’re looking through lists of the bestconcealed carry gunsIf you carry (or will soon carry) a handgun for personal defense purposes, the size, profile, and weight of that gun probably mean a lot to you. While some people don’t mind carrying a larger, full-size handgun around, it is not always practical or comfortable to do so. Sometimes, carrying a compact gun that you can easily tuck away is the best optionIf that describes your situation right now, you’ll find that there are several Beretta® handguns that could work for you. But in this Beretta® BU9 Nano review, you’ll see why this one specifically is such a great handgun for self-defense and concealed carry situations. Check out the rest of the handgun review below for more information if you’re in the market for a new firearm.

Beretta® BU9 Nano Semi-Automatic Pistol


Beretta® BU9 Nano Review: Features

The Beretta® BU9 Nano is designed to be a micro-compact pistol that truly is perfect for concealed carry and self-defense purposes. It is a relatively small handgun – it has a three-inch barrel, and measures less than one inch wide and just over five inches in overall length. The gun only weighs 19.8 ounces (just over 1 pound), making it a comfortable option to carry all day. The design is ergonomic and very smooth to prevent snagging on your handgun holster or your clothing. As far as firearms go, it is a very customizable handgun. It comes with a serialized chassis and modular design that allows you to easily swap out different parts. For example, you can easily switch polymer grip frames for frames of another color or adjust the 3-dot sights and Beretta® Nano accessories without needing to be a gunsmith. This Beretta® 9mm pistol comes with a flush bottom magazine with a capacity of 6 rounds (for easy concealed carry purposes), but an 8-round capacity extended magazine is also available from the manufacturer to lengthen the grip by one inch as well. There is a reversible magazine release button near the trigger. The Beretta® Nano safety features include a striker deactivation button, which allows you to disassemble the handgun without having to pull the trigger. 

Beretta® BU9 Nano Review: Benefits 

Its small size and smoothly contoured profile help you to quickly access it from its holster, which is one of the first and most important tests a self-defense handgun should pass. If you cannot get to it fast enough, there’s really no point in having it. The short three-inch barrel also offers a smaller surface area for would-be assailants to grab onto in an attempt to disarm you. As mentioned in the features above, the Beretta® 9mm Nano is very customizable to suit your own tastes, and you don’t need any particular skills to do so. By installing an optional laser sight onto the handgun, you can ensure your shot placement is accurate and acquire your target faster. A reversible magazine release button means you can quickly switch it depending on if you are right or left handed, and it takes no special gunsmithing abilities to do so. Being able to deactivate the firearm for service and disassembly without pulling the trigger is one more feature that ensures you stay safe. Additionally, the metal and polymer frame is coated in a durable, low-shine coating that helps protect it from body sweat and keeps it corrosion-free. And at $398 for a very customizable and easy-to-maintain handgun, the Beretta® Nano price is good too. 

Beretta® BU9 Nano Review: Best Uses

As mentioned elsewhere in this Beretta® Nano review, this handgun is literally made for concealed carry and personal defense situations. Its small profile means you can easily conceal it inside a belt or ankle holster without drawing attention to it. You can easily carry it all day without the additional weight or bulk bothering you. Though the short three-inch barrel may concern some from an accuracy standpoint, the gun is very capable of accurate shooting, especially when equipped with an optional laser sight. However, since this is primarily a self-defense gun, most shooting would be expected to be at very short distances, making the accuracy point even less of a concern. For all of the features considered in this Beretta® BU9 Nano review, this may be the best-concealed carry 9mm you’ll find for the price.