Hit Your Mark

Before you head to the range or into the field, visit Kinsey’s and speak to one of our bow technicians. With more then 70 years of combined professional experience, you can trust our team to perform top-quality repairs & service.

From in-depth services like complete bow/crossbow setup to installing a peep sight, you can count on attention to detail and timely work.

Purchase a bow at Kinsey’s Outdoors and you will receive complimentary bow setup as well as arrow cutting with inserts and field points installed.



Whether you need a complete bow setup or general bow labor, our industry professionals will take care of you bow and have you consistently hitting your mark.

  • Crossbow Services
  • Complete Crossbow Setup and Sight In (20 Yards) $75
  • Install Crossbow String $10
  • Install Crossbow Cables $20
  • Install Crossbow Scope $10
  • Crossbow Sight In (20 Yards) $25
  • Reserve Crossbow String $15
  • Install Acudraws $20
  • Basic Crossbow Tune $30
  • Bow Services
  • Complete Bow Setup $75
  • Install Cable and String $20
  • Install String $10
  • Install Cables (Pair) $20
  • Install Peep Sight $5
  • Install D Loop $6
  • Install String Silencers $5
  • Install Kisser Button $3
  • Install Standard Rest $10
  • Install Drop Away Rest $15
  • Install Quiver $3
  • Draw Length Adjustment (Modules not included) $15

Value Packages

  • Basic Tune $20
    Includes: Check timing/nock point, wax string
  • Hunter Tune and Lube $40
    Includes: Limb bolts and pockets greased, axles cleaned/lubed, check/wax string/cables, checking timing/nock point, center shot

General Labor

  • Labor Charge (per 15 min) $15
  • Warranty Repair (Includes Shipping) $30