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Steelhead fishing in Erie, Pennsylvania

Steelhead Fishing Tips, Tricks, Gear, and Locations in Pennsylvania Steelhead fishing in Erie, Pennsylvania is a destination for many avid anglers from across the state. With many miles of Lake Erie tributaries to fish it is not uncommon to run into other fisherman chasing the “chrome”—a popular name for the freshly spawning steelhead. Each year, spring […]

Ruffed Grouse Decline and Their Future in the Keystone State

Unraveling Pennsylvania’s Ruffed Grouse Decline Photo by Susan Drury  Grouse hunting in Pennsylvania is a tradition for many. The northern tier of the state particularly housed robust but variable populations of ruffed grouse. The thrill has always been getting to hear the characteristic thump, thump, thump of a drumming bird. Pennsylvania grouse hunting is a completely different thrill. Harvesting […]

Kinsey’s Outdoor Review | Sitka Delta Wading Jacket

Sitka Delta Wading Jacket Is the Standard for Waterfowl Hunting Specifically designed waterfowl clothing is a real consideration and necessity. Your jacket, gloves, and waders along with everything else you are wearing has to hold up hunt after hunt in some pretty extreme conditions. Whether it be a muddy cut cornfield in a layout blind waiting for a flock of geese or sitting in a water-filled duck […]

Kinsey’s Outdoor Review | Yeti® Tundra® Cooler

Proven Reasons Why the Yeti® Tundra® Cooler Is Worth It The Yeti® brand is synonymous with the outdoors. Its coolers can be found from boats to duck blinds across every season outdoor enthusiasts enjoy in Pennsylvania. Over 13 years ago, the company transformed an industry which previously had never been innovated. The Yeti® Tundra® cooler launched at what many would (and still) call an expensive price point for a cooler. However, packaged in that expensive box is an extremely overbuilt […]

Rabbit Hunting in Pennsylvania

Tips for Rabbit Hunting in Pennsylvania Even after the popular deer hunting seasons are over, the upcoming winter months can be a great time to stay afield and pursue some rabbits. With many small game seasons in PA, including rabbits, running through the end of February, it is the last chance to hunt for the […]

A Pennsylvania Ice Fishing Gem – Stoever’s Dam

Ice Fishing Stoever’s Dam for Trout With temperatures getting colder and colder, ice fishing season is fast approaching. This means it is time to start getting ready for a great time of the year. Ice fishing brings the opportunity to spend time in the outdoors with friends and family, and also catch fish during a time of […]

Planning the Perfect Ice Fishing Trip in Pennsylvania

Ice Fishing in Pennsylvania | Locations Fishing doesn’t have to stop when the water freezes over.  In fact, Pennsylvania has some incredible ice fishing opportunities.  Once found, targeting a pod or school of fish doesn’t get any easier. Of course, walking on water can be intimidating to many people. From safety essentials to fishing equipment we help […]

Pennsylvania Goose Hunting Strategy for Second Season Flocks

Planning Your Late Season Pennsylvania Goose Hunting Attack Frozen ponds and lakes spell nothing but trouble for the average waterfowl hunter. However, those that know how to attack late season Pennsylvania goose hunting are in for some of the best days of the season. Canadian goose hunting culminates with the arrival of winter in the Commonwealth. The September goose season gave way to deer season […]