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Pennsylvania Dove Hunting Action | Wing Shooting at Its Finest

Early Season Pennsylvania Dove Hunting   The annual start of hunting season for many in Pennsylvania begins with dove hunting season. It is one of the first seasons to open in the state and for many, it marks a new year of hunting opportunities.  Pennsylvania dove hunting is some of the most exciting hunting of the year. There are plenty of both public and private dove hunting opportunities throughout the state. Unlike other hunting, dove […]

Utilizing Your Local Archery Pro Shop for Setting Up a Hunting Bow

Setting Up a Hunting Bow with the Experts Kinsey’s Outdoors in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania offers full bow hunting bow setup services. Whether you are looking to upgrade a specific bow hunting accessory, like a new rest or sight, or are in the market for an entirely new bow hunting setup, Kinsey’s Outdoors can help. Their technicians are experts at setting up a hunting bow and providing maintenance and tuning services to get you ready for hunting season. Specifically, their bow […]

TechnoHUNT is the Best Way to Elevate Your Bow Hunting Skills

Bow Hunting Practice and Skill Development with TechnoHUNT  TechnoHUNT is an exciting, interactive digital target-shooting experience designed for all levels of archery hunters offered at Kinsey’s Outdoors. The technology allows you to use your own bow hunting equipment to practice and compete in real-life bow hunting situations. Frankly, no other indoor archery range better prepares you for bow hunting season than TechnoHUNT.  TechnoHUNT allows you to shoot real arrows with specialized tips at […]

Smallmouth Bass Kayak Fishing on the Susquehanna River

Executing a Successful Smallmouth Bass Kayak Fishing Trip on the Susquehanna River The Susquehanna River consistently comes in at one of the top fishing hotspots in Pennsylvania. It stretches from north to south across the state and offers some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the northeast. Smallmouth bass kayak fishing on the river opens up many more opportunities. Fishing from a […]

Dealing with High Water during Trout Season

Trout Fishing in High Water, Murky Water, and Difficult Conditions The weather during this spring of 2019 has been relentless. Torrential downpours have been common which is bad news for trout fisherman. Big and popular trout streams have been high and muddy all too much this spring. It seems like as soon as they finally get back down […]

Tactics and Tips for Catching Summer Trout

Summer Trout Fishing Tips, Tactics, and Gear  Once June comes to an end, many trout fishermen put away the rods until next spring unfortunately. Warmer temperatures start to set in and can make fishing a little tougher. For fisherman that want to keep after it, great days of fishing can still be had. Use some of these tips […]

Best Weather Conditions for Trout Fishing

Weather Conditions and Trout Fishing 101 Before your next trout fishing outing, be sure to take a look at the weather conditions and see what’s expected. Many fishermen will get excited when they see what looks like pleasant weather for being outside. Fairly warm temperatures, a little bit of sunshine, no rain, and the list could go […]

Native Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania | Planning and Strategies to be Successful

Ways to be Successful Native Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania Native trout fishing in Pennsylvania offers many additional opportunities for those anglers looking for a challenge over traditional, crowded stocked trout streams. To start, you have to find which waters have native trout in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission offers an interactive web application and listing of streams that have native brook trout and other wild […]

Spring Trout Fishing Series Episode 6 |Fly Fishing the Yellow Breeches Creek

Spring Fly Fishing Action for Trout on the Yellow Breeches Creek The guys grab their fly fishing gear and head to the Yellow Breeches Creek near Boiling Springs in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania for some spring trout fishing. They are fly fishing the Catch and Release special regulation section of the creek for both stocked and wild trout.   Fishing both pools and runs, their setup includes nymphing a weighted tandem […]