Our ranges have undergone a serious upgrade since we opened! We now have 3 professionally designed ranges that will help you consistently hit your mark. If you happen to need assistance while you’re visiting any of our ranges, we always have an archery professional available to assist you in any way they can.

State-of-the-Art Archery Ranges


Our test range is located near the Bow Shop and only a few steps off the Sales Floor. Whether you are picking out a new bow or having service work completed on your old favorite, this range is perfect for making sure everything is doing what it is supposed to. This test range is equipped with complimentary arrows, targets, and a professional chronograph for your convenience. The chronograph that we have for our customer’s benefit, free of charge, is the ProChrono Digital Chronograph. This high tech piece of equipment is used to show your arrow’s velocity, and is capable from measuring anywhere from 25-7,000 feet per second.


Our ranges are fully climate controlled and we have a sitting area so you can shoot the breeze before you shoot the target. Field points only please. The cost includes a target. Our indoor range is open to the public during normal store hours (except during special events) and is available to clubs and groups on a pre-scheduled, authorized approval basis.

Archery Addicts Yearly Membership*$180

Archery Addicts Membership- Get unlimited access to our state-of-the-art shooting range at a deep discount! You will also receive Exclusive Offers & Event Invites, 10% Off at checkout, Service Discounts, and 50% off on TechnoHunts.


Our TechnoHunt system is a TH400 Pro, the most advanced system available. Shoot live action scenes of every game animal in the world from squirrels to elephants and everything in between. Bring your bow and we supply blunt tips to shoot the video screen. TechnoHunt is a great way to practice shot placement before the season starts.

We recommend you make reservations so give us a call at 717-653-5524.

DurationPrice Per Person
30 Minutes, 1 Person$20
1 Hour, 1 Person $35
30 Minutes, 2 People $15
1 Hour, 2 People $20
30 Minutes, 3 People $10
1 Hour, 3 People $15
30 Minutes, 4 People $9
1 Hour, 4 People $12
30 Minutes, 5 People $8
1 Hour, 5 People $11
30 Minutes, 6 People $7
1 Hour, 6 People $10