4 Benefits of Trading In Your Used Firearm with Kinsey’s Outdoors

In our last blog post we discussed the 4 important factors that affect a used gun’s value. To learn more about what goes into determining the value of a used firearm, you can read that blog here.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the general details that factor into a used firearm trade in value, let’s discuss a few of our core tenants at Kinsey’s Outdoors, and what we like to think are some of the biggest benefits to trading in or cashing in your used firearms through our used gun trade in program.

4 Benefits of Trading In Your Used Firearm with Kinsey’s Outdoors:


1. Fair and Honest Appraisals: As mentioned in our previous article, we know that the decision to trade in a used firearm isn’t always an easy one to make. Many guns hold a certain amount of sentimental value, (which unfortunately can’t be factored into the trade in value, but be assured that it’s not lost on us).


A lot of memories were made and a lot of good times had with many of the firearms that come through our doors. Most outdoorsmen naturally embrace a certain level of nostalgia when it comes to the hunting and shooting sports.


This is just one of the reasons that we pledge to offer fair and honest used firearm appraisals, and do so through a consultative approach.  It’s our goal to have a conversation with you and explain in detail the appraisal process and how we have come up with our offer- rather than treat the transaction as just another number.


We will help you to understand the positive and negative factors pertaining to the trade in value of your firearm and do so in a respectful way.  Hopefully, we can strike a deal that benefits both parties. If not, it’s our ultimate goal to have you leave the store knowing that the rep you dealt with “shot it to you straight”, and gave you some valuable information that you can use in the future.


2. Decreased Liability: We are an FFL dealer.  That means that when we transfer firearms there are certain criteria that we must meet.  We conduct a background check with the sale of every firearm.  In Pennsylvania, you can legally sell long guns privately without conducting background checks or a transfer.


However, that does not mean that it is the best practice, or in your best interest to sell a firearm this way.  Trading in your firearm to Kinsey’s Outdoors ensures that the next owner of the gun has passed a federal background check and reduces your liability for the initial sale of the gun (to us) to zero.


When you sell a gun privately, without a background check or a transfer, you have no control over how many different hands that firearm finds itself in down the road. For this reason, we recommend transferring a privately sold firearm through a FFL dealer.


3. Instant transactions: Finding a buyer for a firearm isn’t always as easy as you might think.  You may need to place a classified ad or rely on word of mouth if you have a gun for sale. Sometimes this takes quite some time for a buyer to find you.


Kinsey’s Outdoors can make you an offer immediately and you can leave the store with the money for your firearm, or a new gun you “traded up” to, at a reduced price.


It’s also safer to sell your firearms through an FFL dealer. It can be a long and arduous process to conduct a transaction with a complete stranger.


4.  No limit: Have a single gun? A couple? An entire gun collection? We’re interested!  It doesn’t matter how big or small the transaction, we would love to take a look at what you have to cash in, trade in, or trade up!  No matter how many guns you have, the fair and honest appraisals we outlined above apply. We treat each gun transaction with the same kind of upstanding respect they all deserve.

Remember, if you are seeking a fair appraisal of your firearm, we won’t be able to do that over the phone. You can bring the used firearm to our store and one of our experienced firearms technicians can provide you with appraisal information and an offer.

Hopefully this article has helped answer and highlight the benefits of selling, trading in, or trading up with Kinsey’s Outdoors’ used firearm program.  We’d be happy to answer more detailed questions you may have, so give us a call at (717) 653-5524 or email us at contact@kinseysoutdoors.com.

For more great products and content related to the great outdoors and the shooting sports, be sure to visit Kinsey’s Outdoors online store at shop.kinseysoutdoors.com. Also, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to date on the latest product offerings, sales, promotions, and contests and giveaways.

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