Hunting App Review: HuntStand App

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What Makes HuntStand One of the Best Hunting Apps Around?

During your hunting season, information is the fuel for success.

Scouting, hanging trail cams, and looking for current deer signs are all ingredients and tools for the serious deer hunter.

As important as the wind, weather, and timing of the rut, hunters are out to absorb all of the ever-changing clues that are presented to them.

As technology grows to improve our equipment and gear, it’s also grown to improve our ability to collect and interpret information about what’s going on where we hunt — even when we can’t be there.

Given that we only have so much time to go hunting, we want to stack the odds in our favor to have a shot at our target.

In recent years hunters have seen the rise of several technology-based land management apps geared towards helping hunters find and track animal movement for stand placement and selecting an area to hunt.

One that has risen to the top for ease of use and quality of information has been HuntStand.

“An app for hunters, by hunters” is the cornerstone of what HuntStand brings to the table, and their featured tools are in line with what hunters are looking for.

Whether you hunt solo, with some friends, or a hunting club/camp — HuntStand has your experience in mind.

Digital Hunting Maps

You can start to get the most from the app by getting a detailed map of wherever you hunt.

Whether locally, at a camp a few hours away, or large expanses of public land for that big trip out west, HuntStand makes it easy to locate and focus on your area.

From there it’s up to you how you want to use their tools to customize the area for the information you want.

The longer you utilize the HuntStand app the more the odds will be stacked in your favor for fall hunting success as your knowledge of the local deer grows.

It will help you plan stand placement and re-plan when weather and other factors can change their behavior.

One important feature of digital hunting maps is the fact that you can save maps offline for use in areas with little to no cell service.

Additional HuntStand App Features

The HuntZone scent prediction and up-to-date weather details are really where they back up when they say “for hunters, by hunters.”

Most of us can’t hunt every day and getting that real-time information will help to make the most of the time that you do have afield.

If you are hunting with a group, some of their features are geared towards knowing where you and your group are so that you don’t risk ruining any of your hunts and can find each other if the need should arise.

This information can be shared to help you and your camp for what you saw that day, and where.

This information should help fuel many successful trips in the future for a weekend, or a week-long trip.

The HuntStand team takes it a step farther by curating a very helpful website loaded with support if you have a question.

It also has informative blog articles helping you find how other users got their hit list buck on down, to help process the meat when you are successful.

HuntStand App Special Offer

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This is will help get you vital information for the upcoming rut and rifle seasons.

There’s no better time to try something than during hunting season and for a discounted price.

We’ve been very impressed with the HuntStand app and the support that their team offers Kinsey’s Outdoors.

We’d really like to see our customers be successful this year with it, so please tell us if they help you get your target trophy on the ground.

Elevation HUNT – Totality Scent Bag Review

Scent Control Bag, Scent Elimination Bag, Totality Scent Bag, Elevation Totality Scent Bag

As a deer hunter, you rely on your gear as any other professional relies on their tools.

Carpenters, mechanics, cooks, hairdressers, even doctors know what they need to reach for to be successful. You also know the importance of scent control when you’re in the woods to outsmart a target that will smell you, long before they see you.

That’s why you play the wind, take extra care of your clothes, keep a bottle of scent spray, and take all the meticulous care that deer hunters do to eliminate excess scent that can cost you when the moment counts the most.

For decades now, deer hunters have used rubber cases for gear storage and scent containment. Easy to get, fairly affordable, and a durable option to keep all of your essentials stowed away and ready for your next trip. However, rubber totes can be bulky, heavy, and take up a lot of space in the car or truck.

For this year, think about switching to the Totality Scent Bag from Elevation. It’s a one-stop go-to scent containment bag for what you need when heading into the deer woods.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the bag is how cavernous its massive interior pocket is, 5,500 cubic inches to be exact.

Somewhere between a suitcase and a military duffle bag, this isn’t a small pack that runs out of room with an extra layer and a few candy bars. This bag has the ability to handle your clothes for the season. Calls, bino harness, and almost anything else you’d need when you leave the truck can be stored in one easy-to-use bag.

What about your boots you might be asking? Surely, they have to stay scent-free and you can’t fit boots in a bag. Guess again, the design team at Elevation covered that too. The sides of the bag feature easy to access and adjustable boot storage whether you wear lace-ups or slip-on rubber boots.

Scent Control Bag, Scent Elimination Bag, Totality Scent Bag, Elevation Totality Scent Bag

Keeping your boots away from your clothes keeps you from worrying about getting mud and blood all over the inside of your storage bag.

Unlike other large duffle style bags, the Totality Scent bag was designed with triangular-shaped construction which lets the bag support itself. Anywhere from a truck bed to a trail head, you won’t have to worry about this bag falling down while you’re getting ready.

So many of us hunters know what an annoyance getting ready can be once you get to your hunting spot. Public or private, trying to stay scent and mud-free can be a pain while getting geared up. That’s why one of the most innovative features is the exterior changing pad. Simply unhook the snap tabs and you have your own built-in floor to keep dry and scent-free.

Scent Control Bag, Scent Elimination Bag, Totality Scent Bag, Elevation Totality Scent Bag

When sunlight is low a silver-lined interior will help you find what you’re looking for a little easier. You get all of those features, with large durable handles, for less than most pay for a single backpack. Then you have your season-long solution for gear storage.

Staying scent-free and organized is only one piece of the deer hunting success puzzle. Honestly, you don’t even have to be organized, but you do want to eliminate your scent.

The Totality Scent bag is the answer for your gear storage needs on the road at camp or close to home.

If your hunting clothing storage setup needs upgraded for this season, look no further than the Elevation Totality Scent Bag.