Bass Fishing Rod Review: Moonshine Rod Co. – The Rambler Rod

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Bass Fishing Rod Review

Moonshine Rod Co. – The Rambler Rod Series

5:57 am. Pulling up to the boat launch there’s just enough daylight peeking over the trees to show action already on the water.

Smallies jump feeding on topwater insects at the end of an overnight shift is an earned excitement.

Being the first angler at the water holds the kind of pleasure from achievement and not random fortune that says “here you go, you’ve got the first pick, where do you want to start?”

The 4th of July may be over, but there’s still plenty of time for outdoor summer fun to be had.

Trips down to the beach are in full swing, and if you’re staying local during your free time this summer, there’s still more than enough to keep those of us who can’t stay inside busy until fall.

The weather and water are too warm for chasing the trout from back in the spring, but there’s no reason to pack away your gear and throw your fishing license in a drawer.

Many Pennsylvanian anglers switch gear to chase the perennially popular sport fish, bass.

We have plenty of water to chase a healthy population of these fish.

Rivers, lakes, and ponds all can hold a chance at this warm-weather pursuit.

New to the store’s racks this year is the addition of The Moonshine Rod Company.

Growing in popularity in the past few years, their brand of angling quality at a very valued price point has been putting the best rods in the hands of anglers without emptying their bank account.

A rod’s a rod, right?

How’s a new company going to make a classic piece of equipment better?

First off, how about making traveling with your bass rod easier and safer?

For years, anglers who fly fish have enjoyed being able to break their rod down and store it. The fly fishing rod’s protective rod tube allows for ease of transport and rod safety.

The folks at Moonshine Rod Co. have done the same for your bass rod in their Rambler series of rods.

No more odd angles and bent rod tips in the car, truck, or boat.

Two-piece construction in a light, sturdy rod tube lets you throw and go so you can travel easier to your favorite fishing spot.

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Moonshine’s Rambler series also offers three different styles of rods to chase everything from panfish and trout, to light saltwater fishing, or those larger bass you know are hiding in the shade and weeds.

All three come with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser to add that much more value to the price tag.

All of their rod’s fish with casting quality, bait variety, and a feel that you once had to shell out big money for.

With a classic spinning rod design and graphite construction, this rod can look and feel at home with any angler on almost any freshwater.

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If you’re looking to fill your time between scouting for deer in the fall, or you’re an avid angler looking to level up on your old rig, stop by Kinsey’s Outdoors and check out the rods from Moonshine Rod Co.!

You still have plenty of time to have fun on the water before temperatures start dropping and you focus on your fall pursuits.

To shop our full line of fishing rods, fishing gear and accessories – visit us online at, or in person at 1658 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA 17552.

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