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Smallmouth Bass Kayak Fishing on the Susquehanna River

Executing a Successful Smallmouth Bass Kayak Fishing Trip on the Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River consistently comes in at one of the top fishing hotspots in Pennsylvania. It stretches from north to south across the state and offers some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the northeast. Smallmouth bass kayak fishing on the river opens up many more opportunities. Fishing from a kayak allows you to access parts of the river no one else can.  

In order to get on a great smallmouth bite from a kayak, you need the right equipment. First is the kayak. Kinsey’s Outdoors has all the kayaking equipment you need and even a kayak rental program if you want to try smallmouth bass kayak fishing for the first time. Next, you need to stock up on fishing lures for bass. Some great choices are small soft-plastic swimbaits, spinnerbaits, and shallow diving crankbaits and stickbaits. Lastly, make sure you have quality fishing rod, plenty of supplies for the float, and a good float plan. The great thing about a local outdoor supplier like Kinsey’s Outdoors is not only do they have all the equipment you need, but they know exactly what the best bass lures are to make for a successful smallmouth bass kayak fishing trip.