Native Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania | Planning and Strategies to be Successful

Ways to be Successful Native Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania

Native trout fishing in Pennsylvania offers many additional opportunities for those anglers looking for a challenge over traditional, crowded stocked trout streams. To start, you have to find which waters have native trout in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission offers an interactive web application and listing of streams that have native brook trout and other wild naturally reproducing trout populations. It’s a great resource to use as you plan which streams are likely worth fishing for native trout 

Once you have a stream or two picked out to fish, the strategy comes into play. The most important aspect of native trout fishing is to stay concealed. Unlike stocked trout, native brook trout will run and hide at any sign of threat. Work upstream and fish natural current breaks like log jams and debris fields. A tandem fly rig works well using a large natural fly as the indicator and any bright colored fly as the second fly. Streams that offer native trout fishing are abundant in Pennsylvania. Do some research and find a few worth fishing this season.