Kinsey's Outdoors maintains a well-stocked Firearms Department with knowledgeable sales associates ready to assist you.  We carry all of the major brands like Ruger, Browning, Remington, Winchester and Savage.  

We also have a large Used Gun Inventory!  Come into our store and trade or sell your used gun today! Call the store if you have a collection you are interested in selling. No collection is too large or small and a Kinsey's representative is available to travel to your location to appraise your collection (call for details).

Kinsey's offers gunsmith services designed to keep your firearm in prime working conditions. Our gunsmith, Nate McFadden, is certified by the American Gunsmith Institute and holds armorers certificates from manufacturers like Smith and Wesson and Glock. We offer a complete range of services from simple cleanings or sighting in a firearm to fine tuning triggers and refinishing wood stocks. We've also partnered with industry leaders to offer film dipping, cerakote, and reblueing services.

Firearms, Ammunition, In Line and Flintlock Muzzleloading, Optics and More!  You can find it all here at Kinsey's Outdoors.

We carry the following manufacturers of both firearms and firearms accessories:

Gun Manufacturers Ammo Scopes
Remington Remington Bushnell
Mossberg Winchester Nikon
Savage Federal Leupold
Browning Hornady Simmons
Winchester PMC Zeiss
Ruger UMC Pentax
Marlin Blackhills Swarovski
Berretta Cor-bon
Sig Saur CCI
Reloading Blackpowder Misc
Hodgdon Thompson Center Shooters Choice
IMR Knight Hoppes
Accurate CVA Birchwood Casey
Alliant Traditions Tru-Glo
Barnes Goex Powder Browning Safes
Nosler Savage Stack-On
Hornady RMC Butler Creek
RCBS Uncle Mikes
Lyman AA & E Slings


For Firearms Technical Support : 

Email Outdoor Guide Nate McFadden